It’s easy to find T-Town foodies. They’re everywhere! This month was no exception. I had the pleasure of chatting with the lovely Amanda Lightsey, who currently serves as Executive Director of Tuscaloosa’s One Place, an organization known well for serving children and families in the Tuscaloosa community. She was quick to answer all my pressing food-related questions! 

As a self-proclaimed foodie, I love finding other folks around town that love food as much as I do. Truth be told, Tuscaloosa has a whole host of individuals that are passionate about the dishes served up in T-town’s finest restaurants, as well as having a life rich with stories of home cooked favorites.  

This month, I decided to feature a fellow T-town foodie, Patricia Powe. She’s well-known for her commitment to United Way, and she serves as Director of Financial Affairs for the College of Education at the University of Alabama. 

Every couple, it seems, has this discussion: Where do you want to eat tonight? We’re all after the best place to enjoy a great meal. As one of the newest eateries in Tuscaloosa, Half Shell Oyster House is a strong contender.  

As I mentioned last month, I have recently entered the world of full-time working mom. Unfortunately, my son didn’t get the memo about mom’s return to work, so life continues to go full throttle into this new year. Luckily for me, and the rest of the Tuscaloosa community, a heaven-sent business has opened up to feed all us busy folk in T-town! 

It’s football season, and that means two things: it’s time to Roll with the Tide in BDS – and it’s time to eat! Whether you’re a hungry out-of-towner or a local, everyone can agree that Tuscaloosa offers up some of the best game day eats around. Here are some of my favorite suggestions for places to grab a bite – before or after the game. RTR! 

Did someone say cheese? Grilled cheese? Yes. Yes, they did, and it’s on a food truck. On June 1, Cheese Louise made its Tuscaloosa debut, with Lee Decker, Billy Swift, Jon Harris, and James Bates behind the wheel.  

Have you ever wanted to walk into a restaurant and feel like you were in someone’s cozy-yet-upscale kitchen? I promise you are not alone. For the residents of Tuscaloosa, Real & Rosemary provides an atmosphere that is fresh, bright, and intentionally comforting.  

Nearly 100 years ago, the “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream” novelty song was born. And all these years later, ice cream continues to be a staple dessert for joyful celebrations or a potential late-night snack. There’s no doubt it’s been hot in Tuscaloosa this summer, but once again, fear not my friends, the businesses of Tuscaloosa and Northport have heard our screams for ice cream, and they deliver big. Here are a few of my favorites this summer… 

And the burger bash continues! Last month, I shared a few of my favorite burgers with you, but now I’ve got more. Don’t think for a minute that this next batch isn’t worthy of being celebrated. To be honest, this pregnant foodie has had a selfish agenda of meticulously tasting all the best burgers that Tuscaloosa has to offer… you can thank me later. 

Did you know that Americans consume approximately 50 billion burgers a year? On top of that, the average American eats a hamburger three times a week! To be honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the average T-town resident doesn’t beat this average, week to week.  

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