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Druid City Living is the proud sponsor of the Legacy Golf Tournament Awards Presentation. Druid City Living is the proud sponsor of the Legacy Golf Tournament Awards Presentation. Tuscaloosa Youth for Christ

Tuscaloosa golfers – professionals and novices alike – are gearing up once again to support the mission of Tuscaloosa Youth for Christ. The group’s annual Legacy Golf Challenge will begin at noon on May 10 at the NorthRiver Yacht Club. 

“YFC is truly a special organization that is literally changing lives in our community and growing the kingdom of God with every relationship formed,” said David Ikard, a member of the YFC Board of Directors. “I’m honored and humbled to play a very small role in YFC.”

The Legacy Challenge tournament financially supports YFC’s mission through their year-round programs. Overall, YFC volunteers are able to reach over 2,200 middle and high schoolers in Tuscaloosa programs by meeting the students in their daily lives. 

Campus Life, the main program, sends volunteers to local schools to bond with students and help provide a positive influence. Volunteers are present in 16 schools in Tuscaloosa County, visiting during lunch, attending athletic events, and holding group events.

YFC’s Parent Life program helps local women with the trials of motherhood at a young age. The goal is to provide encouragement, helping the women balance school with being a parent – which greatly increases the chance they will graduate.

“Our club leaders go into the schools, meet these kids where they are in life, and let them know they are loved,” Ikard said. “Many of the kids YFC reaches have less-than-ideal home lives and are desperate for love, acceptance, and fruitful relationships. It’s through the relationships that our club leaders and staff are able to form with the kids that allows them to hear the Gospel and hopefully come to trust Christ in their daily lives.”

Funds from the Legacy Golf Challenge will support the launch of YFC’s newest program – the Juvenile Justice Ministry. This new initiative allows YFC volunteers to bring their influence to incarcerated teens through relationships they build.

As for who can participate in the upcoming tournament, organizers say anyone from the community with an interest in golf should find some golfing partners and come support the cause. The tournament uses a four-ball scramble format, giving even the most inexperienced golfer a fair shot. 

Tuscaloosa YFC Executive Director Mike Green says this year’s goal of $75,000 would set an all-time record for the fundraiser. And what is the key to this tournament’s success? 

“We have about a dozen teams that play every year and whose financial investment has grown as well,” Green said. “I think that is the case because we do a great job of hosting our golfers at NorthRiver and explaining to them how their investment is changing the lives of teenagers.”

Ikard agrees, adding that it’s about the experience of helping that makes this event so special. 

“To know I can play golf while simultaneously helping change kids' lives; that's a pretty rewarding round of golf, irrespective of my final score,” he said.

To learn more, or to sign up to play, contact Mike Green at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Become a sponsor at grouprev.com/YFCLegacyChallenge. 


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