For Josh and Samantha Giambalvo, the idea of bringing Frutta Bowls to Tuscaloosa sparked from a conversation with close friends. 

“Frutta Bowls was the brainchild of a family friend, Brooke Gagliano. She is very into health and wellness and she was out on the West Coast where this type of business has been booming for a couple of years,” Samantha Giambalvo said. “She brought the idea back to New Jersey and it wasn't long before my husband and her family were talking about building something here. Honestly, it was all Josh, he has been such a driving force behind this because he feels so strongly that this business will have such a positive effect on the community.”

With a tentative opening this coming June, Tuscaloosa will be the first Frutta Bowls location outside of New Jersey. And despite Frutta Bowls being new to the area, the Giambalvos are no strangers to owning a local business and giving back to the community. 

“Business is not at all a new thing to us. We have owned and operated Innovate Fitness since 2009, and we founded a non-profit called the Brayden House. Through these businesses, we have been able to build an amazing community around us that really allows us to do all kinds of things,” Josh Giambalvo said. “We currently foster, work with at-risk children, do motivational speaking and much more in the community ... none of which would be possible if God didn't put this community around us. He did so through our passions and businesses, “says Josh Giambalvo.  

When it comes to the Frutta Bowls products themselves, there is plenty for T-town diners to look forward to. Acai, pitaya, and kale bowls are favorites, along with fresh fruit smoothies and other specialty items. The biggest bragging point for the Tuscaloosa Frutta Bowls location is the quality of the ingredients and the staff, according to Samantha Giambalvo.

“The quality of the product that we are going to serve is unparalleled. We are working with local vendors, but the açai is being directly imported from Brazil. And we are very proud of that,” she said.

As for the staff, Giambalvo said they’re starting to hire and train now, and they look forward to fostering a welcoming environment for everyone.

“When you walk in the door, you're not just another customer, you are important and welcome. I can't wait until we start knowing our regulars by name.” 

Frutta Bowls Alabama is located at 2531 University Boulevard in downtown Tuscaloosa. For more information, visit

Sheena Gregg is a registered dietitian and local “Filipino Foodie.” Follow her adventures at 

Tuscaloosa is home to quite a number of remarkable people, all with a story and a talent to share with their community. When I think of the folks like this that I’ve encountered during my time in Tuscaloosa, Paul Lasseter comes to mind.  

While setting up a nutrition table with my interns at Homegrown Alabama one fall afternoon, I noticed a set-up of tasty baked goods, complemented by the voices of professors and college students raving about the coffee they just purchased. I later learned that this little business was Kauloosa Coffee Roasters, and it was quite the popular vendor at both Homegrown Alabama and the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market at the River Market.  

It’s hard to ignore the influx of health-conscious businesses that have been springing up in Tuscaloosa over the past five years. With television advertisements, new medical research, and a plethora of internet resources touting the importance of diet and supplements, it’s no wonder that businesses of this type continue to appear. However, those transient to Tuscaloosa may not realize the long-standing history of health food and product selection that Manna Grocery and Deli in Tuscaloosa offers.  

Since he was 17, Pastor Garcia dreamed of owning his own restaurant. That dream originated in Mexico City, but never did Garcia imagine that he would fulfill it in Northport, Alabama.  

“I’ve always wanted a restaurant. I love the environment. I love customer service and loving people,” said Garcia.  

I would bet good money on the statement that it’s impossible not to find something delicious to eat in Tuscaloosa. We’ve got our classic restaurants that have stood the test of time in town, but we’ve also got quite a few new kids on the block. As a dietitian, I’m a firm believer in eating not only for our health, but also for some downright pleasure. We’ve got some delightful food in Tuscaloosa, and I’m excited to share a few of my favorite dishes around town. 

It may be hot this season, but the long summer days have got us ready to enjoy dinner on the patio at Tuscaloosa’s most popular restaurants. Check out our recommendations to enjoy an al fresco breakfast, lunch, or dinner, Tuscaloosa style.

By Sheena Gregg


Area residents in the mood for a unique snack like Sriracha popcorn or a nostalgic candy favorite like Razzles or Turkish taffy now have a place to satisfy those cravings at a place called, appropriately enough, “Cravings.” New York native Dan Robinson has enhanced downtown Tuscaloosa with a store to meet the needs of any food lover. Robinson is no stranger to providing unique, delectable treats to a community, having previously owned The Candy Bar, a specialty grocery in New Orleans’ French Quarter.

By Sheena Gregg


The news that James Beard Award winner and Iron Chef competitor Chris Hastings has a restaurant in Tuscaloosa is a dream come true for this enthusiastic foodie. Located in the new Embassy Suites Hotel in downtown Tuscaloosa, The Side by Side Restaurant achieves its primary goal of bringing out the gourmand in every visitor, enticing customers to not only enjoy eating, but to savor the entire food and restaurant experience.

By Sheena Gregg

“Have you been to The Simple Peasant?” is a question I’ve been hearing often over the past two months. It’s likely a question you’ve heard yourself. If your answer is “no,” I promise that you should get in your car and change your answer immediately. Though the restaurant boasts “uncomplicated cuisine,” it is clear to those lucky enough to have eaten at The Simple Peasant that uncomplicated means delicious.

As a joint venture for well-known Birmingham restauranteur Kevin Joyce and Shelton State’s own culinary genius Blake Miles, The Simple Peasant produces high quality culinary creations in an atmosphere of family-friendly comfort. “I’d like to think of this business as delivering fine dining on a paper plate,” Joyce said. “We’re not here to sacrifice flavor, but instead, we want people to feel comfortable and have amazing food.”

Amazing food it is, indeed.

FIVE’s brunch offers area diners a fresh, hip Sunday dining experience in downtown Tuscaloosa.

By Sheena Gregg

According to Webster’s Dictionary, brunch is defined as a meal that combines breakfast and lunch that is usually eaten in late morning. However, at FIVE Bar and Restaurant in Tuscaloosa, brunch is a Sunday experience that brings together old friends, good music, and great food and drinks. With a high reputation among foodies in Tuscaloosa, FIVE Bar and Restaurant has been no stranger to providing T-town folks with a memorable dining experience. Known for their signature dinner entrees and coffee/juice bar, FIVE has now expanded to providing a Jazz Brunch for all to enjoy.

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