For Saturday morning, or just whenever we get tired of our regulars, this is a family favorite and fun for me to make too.


Today's farmers market had a great crowd that enjoyed many local and regional vendors, plus a fantastic preview of the Black Warrior River Fiddle Fest from some of the performers.  And as you'll see in the gallery, the pups were plentiful and having a great time too.

If you missed it that's ok, there are markets every Saturday from 7am-12pm and a new market on Tuesdays.

With the weather forecast threatening, but on what turned out to be a beautiful evening, the “I Love the 90s” tour hit T-Town on Friday, May 20, featuring a lot of very well-known acts who had huge hit songs during the decade: Salt N Pepa, Vanilla Ice, Color Me Badd, All-4-One, Coolio and Young MC and it was a lot of fun.

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