Thanksgiving in the South is about enjoying time with friends and family in the comfort of home to celebrate all that is good in life. 

 For some people, that means popping off the top button off their pants and taking a nap as soon as possible after the big meal. For others, it is about enjoying a beautiful meal that is an Occasion (with a capital “O”) by breaking out the good china and silver. 

My goodness, I feel like I just wrote this piece … time flies when you are a busy mom – ahem, when you’re having fun! It’s been another jam-packed year full of new experiences. My son, Beaux, is now three, and my heart stays so extremely full. This year, I’d like to share a few things I am thankful for from my sweet son. As moms, I think we can all identify with so many of these. Enjoy every precious moment. 

Beaux, this Thanksgiving, and all throughout the year, I am thankful for …

I love Thanksgiving, that holiday where we gather with family. No pressure about the right gift. No expectations. Just food, family, football and long naps. 

Being thankful should come naturally. I searched the internet for "thankfulness" and found management classes that teach you how to show employees you are thankful for them. Shouldn’t thankfulness naturally be a part of everything we do?

By Courtney Corbridge

Tomorrow is finally Thanksgiving. It’s often one of the best times of the year—a time to be grateful and to forget our differences. Last week students from across the district celebrated Thanksgiving in a variety of ways. For many students, there was a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Tiffany Craig, of Oakdale Elementary School said, “We had dressing and baked chicken, greens, candied yams and cornbread.” Parents were welcomed to the school to eat with their children, and the teachers came too. Even many retired teachers came back to celebrate with the students.


For the past several Thanksgivings, Chuck’s Fish has partnered with Project Blessings to offer a free Thanksgiving dinner for area residents in need. This year is no exception: Thanksgiving Dinner will be served at the restaurant from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Northport Police Department and Northport Fire Rescue are teaming up this Thanksgiving to help feed hundreds of needy families in the area. Operation Thanksgiving is from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the Northport Civic Center on Thursday, Nov. 26.

Operation Thanksgiving is a free event sponsored by Southwest Funding and Headliners Barbershop. Free, hot holiday meals will be served, with catering by the Southern Chef. In addition, organizers say health and wellness tips will be available.

And, for those who can’t get to the Northport Civic Center on Thanksgiving Day, the Northport Police Department will be delivering meals.

Everyone’s anticipating sitting down to a great Thanksgiving feast this week, but Northport Fire Rescue wants to remind us to be careful when preparing said turkey – especially frying the turkey. Fires can start all too easily, and on Saturday, Nov. 21, the 3rd Annual Dangers of Turkey Frying Demonstration was held at the Publix store in Northport.

Northport Fire Rescue personnel were on hand to answer questions from the community as well as demonstrate live what could go wrong while frying a turkey. The live demonstration was certainly worth seeing, as illustrated here.

By Sheena Gregg

As a self-proclaimed foodie, Thanksgiving is one of my most favorite holidays. However, as a registered dietitian, Thanksgiving can also prove problematic for my clients trying to keep their waistline in check. With a little strategy, Thanksgiving can be both a delicious and nutritious event with friends, family, and football. Here’s a few of my top tips for enjoying your favorite family dishes while staying in check with your health goals.


By Amy Poore


Have you started planning the Thanksgiving meal yet? Fall is definitely in the air, and both of these recipes will compliment your holiday table beautifully. The pear chutney is an aromatic delight, and a perfect pairing for your turkey, no matter how you prepare it. And for dessert, I suggest this scrumptious pumpkin Bundt cake with caramel drizzle. It’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone, and bon appétit!

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By Marlena Rice


Fall is finally here: We are all “Roll Tide” – ing, enjoying our riding boots and jeans, and already stressing over who will be hosting Christmas dinner - let alone Thanksgiving dinner. As a mother and a wife, I would especially like to note that I am truly always thankful for my son, my husband, my family, my job, and a multitude of other things. I am really just tickled pink all the time when I think about how God has blessed me. However, today I would like to share with you a list of all the things I am thankful for that only mothers would understand.


This Thanksgiving, and all throughout the year:


·       I am thankful for the kind lady who works at Chick-fil-a, who remembers me and says, “It’s good to see you, you haven’t been here in a while.” Which leads me to be thankful that I am on time for work that particular morning, despite the fact that I was late the day before, and likely to be running late the next.

·       I am thankful for the fact that my two year old finally believes me when I say that bugs will crawl on his butt if he keeps giving me a hard time getting his underwear/pullups back on as we potty train.

·       I am thankful for the logistics coordinator of the new neighborhood Wal-Mart, who strategically placed a miniature toy aisle with mini racecars in direct view of the meat section (because once we take 30 minutes to pick out yet another car, or two, I am then able to quickly pick up the four items we initially came to buy).

·       I am thankful for my boss, who didn’t make me show him the photograph on my iPhone that details why I was late for work. The situation involved a child in a car seat, covered in the morning’s milk and an unseen prayer that an air freshener would just fall into the backseat like a smoke bomb.

·       I am thankful for Ben and Jerry, for making ice-cream concoctions that are so outrageous (and delicious) that when the family is sitting down to watch television in the evenings no one wants “just a bite.”

·       I am thankful for the couch. The one that handles the weight of all three of us, and our huge Great Dane as he leans against to sit at our feet. You have endured baby shoes, spilled milk, spilled chicken noodle soup, the dreaded orange Cheetos powder smears, and everything else that has once left my kitchen or dining room table. And you’ve endured a family that has to sit all but smack right on each other on your cushions while we argue about what to watch on one of multiple televisions in our home.


Happy Holidays, and be Thankful!


Marlena Rice is a local mom and author. Her new book, “Pacifiers, Flatbeds and Barn Wood Thingamajigs, a 'Come to Jesus Guide' for the New, Southern Mom,” will be available on this fall. Follow Marlena on Instagram at marlena_rice.


Photo: Marlena Rice


Caption: Beaux William is in the holiday spirit. He’s thankful for pumpkins, obviously.


Article sponsored by Med Center North.

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