We recently visited the “Love Park” in the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru. Couples and families there gather to relax in the grass and view the ocean beneath El Beso – a giant statue of two lovers embracing. 

The experience got me thinking about love… how we yearn to express it and embrace it, despite the consequences. In other parts of the world, people seem to embrace love more openly than we do here. 

We do this every year. We wonder where the time went, how those friends are that we forgot to get back in touch with, wonder why we didn't take that trip or use our well-earned vacation, or why we didn’t do that thing we promised we would do this year. 

2019 is here!  

You know what that means? Those extra pounds you’ve been trying to lose will miraculously melt away.  All your debt will be cancelled. Every bad decision you made in 2018 will be forgiven and forgotten. This is great news, right?   

If only it were true. 

Some mornings, I wake up wallowing in self-pity, wanting everyone else in my family to go about their daily business as I continue to lay there. Do I feel this way often? No. But when I do, it is the precursor to impending “bad girl mom” behavior.  

In case you missed it, news broke in November that the City of Tuscaloosa was spending approximately $56,000 on Christmas decorations this year. I subsequently got some emails from some concerned citizens voicing their frustrations (like I can do anything about it).  

On a recent Wednesday night, a youth pastor friend invited me to sit on a panel to answer questions posed by his youth group. The panel was made up of parents who had survived the teenage years with their own kids. They hoped to impart a nugget or two of knowledge to teens who were working hard to “raise their own parents.” 

Even when times get hard, there is so much to be thankful for. I love this time of year, and the chance to slow down a bit. This November, as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, the focus is on moments. 

I’ve always loved the holidays and the overabundance of food and the weird, hybrid Thanksgiving recipes brought by each person that walks in the door. I’d always heard that you can’t ruin dressing. 

Yes. Yes, you can. You can absolutely, positively, 100 percent ruin dressing. 

For most of us mamas, fall in Alabama means visiting the pumpkin patch with our kiddos, enjoying pumpkin spice everything, and getting ready for the Thanksgiving holiday. We’re also one step closer to preparing for Black Friday, and two steps closer to having a vacation during the Christmas holiday season. Whew! There is so much going on here, there, and everywhere that we may not realize our kids are feeling burned out.  

Last month, my sister-in-law had a car accident. It was not her fault, as she was simply cruising a straight road, innocently (albeit, dreadfully) headed to work on a Monday morning. But other than to law enforcement and the insurance companies, the person who was at fault really didn't matter. All three of the people involved were hurt, one of which was serious. 

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