Oh summer, how we’ve missed you. I think now is the perfect time to highlight a couple of simple recipes that perfectly reflect the lazy days of summer. Need a quick appetizer for pre-dinners or backyard patio parties? Try these caprese salad skewers. They take literally minutes to make, and they’ll go fast. And did you know that you can make s’mores at home without a campfire or a fire pit? Yep. These skillet s’mores are delicious, and they’re always a hit. 

Bon Appetit! 

This month, I’m taking into consideration the fact that many of us are incredibly busy. Whether you’re camped out at the ball park, running around to and from school (or teaching!), or just busily planning your summer vacation, these recipes will hopefully make feeding everyone a bit easier.  

I’m still crazy about my Instant Pot. I’m constantly coming up with new ways to use it, and this gumbo is excellent if I do say so myself. If you don’t have an Instant Pot yet, I’ve also included a slow cooker and a traditional method, too. 

Have you tried pudding cake before? It’s basically like having two desserts in one. This chocolate pudding cake will be a hit, I promise.  

Bon Appetit!  

Happy spring! I hope everyone had at least a little bit of a spring “break” this past month. If you just went to the beach, you know – it’s almost time for swimsuit season. That likely means you’re buckling down on your diet. Well, I’m here to help!  

I’m finally diving in and cooking with the Instant Pot. Where has this thing been all my life?! If you’ve got one, you know: this gizmo is a game changer. I’m having a blast discovering new recipes, and it really doesn’t get much easier than these teriyaki chicken tenders. Enjoy!

This month, I’m all about New Orleans. I just have the Mardi Gras spirit, I suppose. So, along those lines, I’ve offered up two of my favorite NOLA-inspired dishes. Red beans and rice is a classic dish, and it isn’t difficult to make. Just make sure you use the right seasoning (see below) and you’ll be just fine. And who knew you could make bananas foster pizza-style? Yep. Try this one and watch everyone’s faces light up when they dig in. 

As always, bon appétit! 

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope all of you had a great holiday break, but it’s time to get back to the grind now. I think I’ve mentioned this before, but after the holidays, I often want something different in January. This chicken saltimbocca is a perfect choice, and the sausage and cheese soufflé is a mouth-wateringly great option for breakfast, brunch – or any time, really. Both these dishes, in fact, are quick and easy to make.  

Bon Appetit! 

Happy Holiday season, DCL readers! For this month, I thought I’d give you an easy one. This slow cooker beef tips in gravy is a flash to prepare and serve. This time of year, I’m always so thankful for my slow cooker. And these cheddar bay biscuits are a perfect compliment to a hearty, seasonal meal. From my family to yours, have a wonderful Christmas. 

Bon Appetit!  

Fall is most certainly in the air now, and on that note, I thought I’d give y’all one of my favorite Italian recipes – one that everyone should love. And to finish off a great dinner at home? How about a blueberry lemon cake? Have a great October, everyone, and as always, Bon Appetit!  

Who wants to spend all summer in a hot kitchen? These recipes allow you to whip up a tasty meal without missing out on any summer fun.  The Doritos taco salad takes just minutes to make, and for the pepper steak, the slow cooker makes things a breeze. 

As always, bon appétit!  

Greetings, all! This month, I am finally sharing my absolute favorite way to make spaghetti. I feel almost guilty sharing this World’s Best Bolognese recipe, because it’s just so simple to make. But it’s so good, I don’t think I’ll ever make spaghetti any other way now. 

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