Taste of Tuscaloosa: Valentine's Day Edition

11 Feb 2020 Sheena Gregg
Married just under 2 years, Taylor and Garrett serve the Tuscaloosa Police Department as a dispatcher and patrol police officer.  Married just under 2 years, Taylor and Garrett serve the Tuscaloosa Police Department as a dispatcher and patrol police officer.  Taylor Crumby

he say the quickest way to a person’s heart is through the stomach, right? Every time I think about Valentine’s Day celebrations, I don’t think about chocolates or flowers or even jewelry. Nope, I think, “What are we going to eat?”  

Apparently, other couples in Tuscaloosa think the same way my hubby and I do. We have plenty of fantastic restaurants in Tuscaloosa, but if large crowds aren’t your scene this V-Day (which is on a Friday this year), what better reason do you need to cook at home other than celebrating love for your sweetie?  

Some of my favorite Tuscaloosa couples share their Love Day routine. 

Taylor and Garrett Crumby 

My husband and I love celebrating Valentine's Day. Usually we like to go out to dinner for Valentine's Day, but this year, we will be working. We both work the evening shift with the Tuscaloosa Police Department, so we’ll likely have a lunch celebration.  

Our favorite restaurant in town is Hokkaido. We have celebrated Valentine’s Day on a different day in the past, so we may just go to lunch for the day of – but then go out and do something nice the next weekend, also. Who doesn’t love to extend their Valentine’s Day celebration?  

Rosalind and Montrell Miller 

Rosalind and Montrell Miller enjoy their sweet toddler, Emory, every day, but they take time to enjoy themselves each Valentine's Day.

For Valentine’s Day, we like to celebrate by being at home and enjoying each other’s company, so we rarely go out among the crowd to a restaurant. We typically agree on a home-cooked meal of some of our favorite items or something were both craving. Usually it is ribeye steaks, sautéed veggies, and some kind of starch, like a baked potato or some French fries. 

We do usually end up buying each other a favorite candy or dessert. Last year, we did pecan pie (husband’s favorite) and plain M & M’s and popcorn (wifey’s favorite). 

Tina and Patrick Hindman

Patrick and Tina Hindman will be celebrating 10 years of marriage this summer.

We typically prefer to stay at home for Valentine’s Day. We turn off the phones and TV, light the candles, bring out the fine china, and maybe listen to some James Taylor or Jackson Browne. We’ll enjoy a nice bottle of a red blend and cook together. We might have something as simple as chicken spaghetti with a spring salad and some grilled asparagus, or we may just throw some marinated filets on the grill with baked potatoes, salad, and garlic bread. 

We keep things low key. We like to watch our wedding DVD while enjoying some delicious chocolate-covered strawberries with whipped topping for dessert.

Sheena Gregg is a registered dietitian and local “Filipino Foodie.” Follow her adventures at afilipinofoodie.com. 

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