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24 Jul 2018 Sheena Gregg
Waffle cone bits, caramel, a little pistachio, and a homemade sweet cream base make this Frost Bite creation worthy of your taste buds. Waffle cone bits, caramel, a little pistachio, and a homemade sweet cream base make this Frost Bite creation worthy of your taste buds. Sheena Gregg

Nearly 100 years ago, the “I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream” novelty song was born. And all these years later, ice cream continues to be a staple dessert for joyful celebrations or a potential late-night snack. There’s no doubt it’s been hot in Tuscaloosa this summer, but once again, fear not my friends, the businesses of Tuscaloosa and Northport have heard our screams for ice cream, and they deliver big. Here are a few of my favorites this summer… 

Frost Bite Tuscaloosa 

Food Network videos have nothing on Tuscaloosa. T-Town now has its very own amazing rolled ice cream store – and it’s just a stroll away, in downtown Tuscaloosa. Next to Ajian sushi restaurant, Frost Bite Tuscaloosa’s debut this summer not only features the beauty of rolled ice cream worthy of a social media viral video, but also the “wow” factor of liquid nitrogen ice cream. Patrons can watch in wonder as shop staff conduct the most delicious science experiment ever right before their eyes. Frost Bite Tuscaloosa staff are quick to tell you that the liquid ice cream base is made in house, giving your ice cream creation the extra “yum” factor. Trust me, I’ve tasted, and my “yum” factor was full throttle. 

Frost Bite Tuscaloosa is located at 1914 University Blvd. Suite C in downtown Tuscaloosa. 

Athena’s Bakery and Boutique 

Who says you have to go out of town to get a milkshake in a mason jar with a piece of cheese cake hanging off the side? Since 2017, Northport-based bakery Athena’s has been offering up monster milkshakes to customers. With flavors like chocolate explosion, cookie monster, strawberry cheesecake, and salted caramel (just to name a few), you know that this dessert is worth the time and space in your tummy. My personal fav is cookies n’ cream, because who doesn’t love ice cream, Oreos, cake balls, and massive amounts of whipped cream? Want to know a secret? Athena’s monster milkshakes are only served on certain nights of the week, so check their Facebook page to find out when they’re up for grabs. The staff tells me it takes four hours to prep for monster milkshake night with the baking of extra cupcakes, cheesecakes, and brownies that top each creation. Sounds like time spent well! 

Athena's milkshakes include full-sized bakery treat items, like a tasty cake ball, a slice of cheese cake, a cookie, or a full-sized cupcake.

Athena’s Bakery and Boutique is located at 16820 Highway 43 North in the Winn Dixie shopping center.  

The Baked Bear Tuscaloosa 

Do you ever crave ice cream sandwiches so messy you need a spoon, and so big you need a bowl? Me too. The opening of The Baked Bear in Midtown Village created a line around (and around) the building, and the crowds haven’t stopped. Patrons can make an ice cream sandwich with cookie flavors of their choice, brownies, and even doughnuts. If that wasn’t enough, you can choose from 13 different ice cream flavors for your sandwich, and they have tons of fun toppings to finish off your creation. If you’re not in the mood for something so intense, a scoop of ice cream in a cookie bowl, or a nostalgic root beer float, could be in your future. If you are in the mood for something extra sweet, The Baked Bear has you covered. Sheena’s tip for success is to always include sprinkles… because who doesn’t love sprinkles?! 

There's no doubt why The Baked Bear is popular... a warmed-up cookie, brownie, or doughnut is the perfect ingredient for the most perfect ice cream sandwich.

The Baked Bear is located at 1800 McFarland Boulevard in the Midtown Village shopping center.  

Sheena Gregg is a registered dietitian and local “Filipino Foodie.” Follow her adventures at www.afilipinofoodie.com.  

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