Taste of Tuscaloosa: Kauloosa Coffee Roasters Grows as a River Market Favorite Featured

Kauloosa Coffee Roasters Owner Paul Lasseter smiles as he allows a customer to enjoy the aromas of each unique batch of coffee beans for purchase. Kauloosa Coffee Roasters Owner Paul Lasseter smiles as he allows a customer to enjoy the aromas of each unique batch of coffee beans for purchase. Sheena Gregg

Tuscaloosa is home to quite a number of remarkable people, all with a story and a talent to share with their community. When I think of the folks like this that I’ve encountered during my time in Tuscaloosa, Paul Lasseter comes to mind.  

While setting up a nutrition table with my interns at Homegrown Alabama one fall afternoon, I noticed a set-up of tasty baked goods, complemented by the voices of professors and college students raving about the coffee they just purchased. I later learned that this little business was Kauloosa Coffee Roasters, and it was quite the popular vendor at both Homegrown Alabama and the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market at the River Market.  

Owner Paul Lasseter says his passion for coffee started at quite a young age, despite originally beginning his career as field engineer.  

“I have been drinking coffee every day since my early teens. I have been buying and brewing the best roasted coffee beans I could find on store shelves for the majority of my adult life,” Lasseter said. “I ground the coffee just before brewing. I experimented with different brewing methods and invested in many different brewing machines.”  

For Lasseter, it was the encouragement of friends and family that got him to consider selling his goods at the River Market.  

Fresh sourdough bread made by Lasseter is available weekly at the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market.

“I shared my roasted coffee with family and friends. They all agreed fresh roasted coffee tastes much better than the stale coffee on store shelves.  I was encouraged by these folks to sell specialty coffee at the Tuscaloosa Farmers Market,” he said.  

After obtaining a business license and approval from the local health departments, Kauloosa Coffee Roasters debuted at the Tuscaloosa River Market in October 2015.  

Aside from coffee, Lasseter is also known for his baked goods and other gourmet concoctions, including sourdough bread, chia seed oatmeal cookies, and peanut butter. Sensitive to people with specific diet requirements, Lasseter admits he enjoys making goodies for people with normally restrictive diets.  

If you ask Lasseter what makes him passionate about his business, he’s quick to answer. 

“I am all about quality and healthy foods. I am in search of the perfect cup of coffee. The more I learn about coffee the more I find I don’t know.” 

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Sheena Gregg

Registered Dietitian/Assistant Director, Health Education and Nutrition Services at The University of Alabama, in Tuscaloosa

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheena-gregg-83612a9b

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