Taste of Tuscaloosa: O’Henry’s Coffees Grows New Roots in Tuscaloosa

Randy Adamy, the owner of O’Henry’s Coffees since 1999. Randy Adamy, the owner of O’Henry’s Coffees since 1999. Sheena Gregg

As someone whose coffee connoisseur skills have evolved over the years, I’ve developed a deep respect and love for the local establishments in our area. And if you’ve driven down University Boulevard lately, you’ve likely noticed that Tuscaloosans have welcomed O’Henry’s Coffees with open arms and a bear hug since it’s opening in October.  

O’Henry’s Owner Randy Adamy says that he and his wife, Mary, believed Tuscaloosa was the logical choice for opening an O’Henry’s location – the first outside of the Birmingham metro area.  

“We watched Tuscaloosa for a very long time and looked at 15 different locations within the city,” said Adamy. “Having UA in close proximity was going to be a new dimension for us, but we knew we wanted to open our location away from campus to give Tuscaloosa natives something to call their own.” 

With the addition of the Tuscaloosa location in the Downtown Rock Point development, O’Henry’s now boasts five locations in Alabama.  

“We don’t do any form of traditional advertising and instead use those funds towards local causes to support our community,” said Adamy. “Relationships are pivotal for us. We want to essentially serve as a local gathering spot.”  

Aside from an amazing atmosphere, the success of O’Henry’s is also driven by the quality of its coffee. The coffeehouse roasts its own beans, selling custom roasts to 70 other wholesale customers.  

And if the coffee isn’t enough, O’Henry’s prides itself with the amazing eats on its menu. Whether it’s a Conecuh cheddar biscuit or a chipotle lime chicken bowl, the staff at O’Henry’s wants you to eat, drink, and stay all day long.  

Blaire Blackmon, a barista in the Tuscaloosa location, says that she’s loved how the community has reacted to the shop.  

“My favorite thing so far about our Tuscaloosa location is when guests come in with excitement all over their face explaining how much they love O’Henry's in Birmingham and how excited they are about us being in Tuscaloosa,” Blackmon said. “It warms my heart to see people truly love the product and company as much as I do.” 

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Sheena Gregg

Registered Dietitian/Assistant Director, Health Education and Nutrition Services at The University of Alabama, in Tuscaloosa

Website: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sheena-gregg-83612a9b

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