You can never take for granted the status of your relationship with another person. Without continual maintenance and acknowledgement, relationships become weaker over time. The relationships that are most valuable to us require frequent, perhaps even daily, confirmation that they are important.   

Every human being has a deep-seated need for affirmation. We need to feel that we belong, that we are valuable, and that we contribute something meaningful to the lives of others. That is what makes encouragement such a powerful force in helping bond friendships, marriages, families, and even our relationships with co-workers, neighbors, and others we encounter.   

Dating is always an adventure, but online dating has particular aspects that can make it even more eventful. There are pros and cons. If you’ve tried online dating, I'm sure you could name a few yourself.  

Divorce rates tend to spike in the weeks following the Christmas holidays and during August, following the summer vacation season. Have you ever wondered why?

Q: Hi. I’ve been struggling a lot lately. I know I should see a therapist, but I’m so embarrassed. It just feels like I’m…weak somehow? I’ve even booked appointments with counselors, but I always cancel. Help!

Dear Struggling...

Q: I’m having some issues concentrating at work lately. I’ve just generally felt “blah.” My doctor gave me a clean bill of health – but how can I boost my energy and get over this hump? 

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