Hi readers, Derek here. Carson and her fiancé recently moved to Title Town, and I thought it would be interesting to get a newcomers perspective of our lovely corner of paradise. Enjoy! 

Matt and I just recently moved to Tuscaloosa. Born and raised in Kentucky, we were excited to be in a new place and learn more about a new city. One of the many things we love to do is travel, but we had never been to Tuscaloosa before. 

The Lewis and Faye Manderson Cancer Center is treating cancer patients using a new TrueBeam system from Varian Medical Systems.

This innovative technology enhances the functionality of previous linear accelerators with the delivery of highly precise, sophisticated image-guided radiotherapy in the treatment of cancer. 

According to the Center for Disease Control, over 60 percent of Americans suffer from a chronic health condition. That means the majority of people have had to adapt to some physical limitations in their daily lives. When these conditions have a significant impact on our quality of life, it can become a daily struggle to maintain a positive attitude, to sustain relationships, and continue to find joy in our activities. Here are some tips on managing these challenges. 

Here are some ways to help teach respectful behavior skills to your children...

“You just need to grow up!” “You shouldn’t be so sensitive.” “Just get over it!” Most of us have heard comments like these at some time in our lives. Unfortunately, these are the responses we often hear from those closest to us when we try to express our emotional needs. Many times, these are defensive responses we may hear after we have tried to explain to someone that they have said or done something that has been emotionally hurtful to us. 

When you take time for self care, you are better able to care for your child. Even a few minutes of “you time” can help you to recharge so that you can parent at your best. Stress causes wear and tear on a person, inside and out. Keep these tips in mind next time you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Physical activity is important during every stage of life, even infancy. For example, activity can encourage rolling over, crawling, and walking, as well as cognitive development. And, it can lead to a preference for active play.

Every human being has a deep-seated need for affirmation. We need to feel that we belong, that we are valuable, and that we contribute something meaningful to the lives of others. That is what makes encouragement such a powerful force in helping bond friendships, marriages, families, and even our relationships with co-workers, neighbors, and others we encounter.   

Once any two of your child's teeth touch each other, it is time to start flossing.  Flossing helps prevent cavities by removing plaque and food particles caught between teeth.  It should be an important part of your child's dental routine.

Most children spend less than a minute brushing their teeth. Oral health care professionals recommend, however, that they brush for two to three minutes. Here are some tips on how help your children with brushing their teeth.

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