Whether you are preparing for a new routine at home with your child or looking for additional activities to add to your existing routine, here are a few ideas for indoor games to get the wiggles out.

Becoming part of a blended family means big changes for everyone—grown-ups and children alike. Children may feel uncertain, afraid, and mistrustful as they adjust. Consider these strategies for helping children through this transition.

How you support children after community violence depends a lot on their age. Children of different ages will have different needs, and a wide range of reactions is normal.

The Impact of Healthy, Nutritious Food...

  • One part of helping children get a healthy start is to offer foods that provide adequate nutrition and the appropriate number of calories.
  • Not only does proper nutrition help children grow to a healthy weight, it also positively influences cognitive development and important to preventing various health conditions.
  • Teaching children about healthy food and nutrition early will increase the likelihood they will continue to make healthy decisions regarding nutrition into adulthood.

Bedtime is great for quiet bonding and learning.  Snuggle up and try these ideas.

Here are some ways to help teach respectful behavior skills to your children...

Sometimes a long illness might give families time to confront the possibility of death. Other times, the death of a loved one comes suddenly, as in the case of an accident or suicide. You’ll want to approach the situation differently depending on the circumstances.

There are so many ways to show children that you care and that you are “there with them” through the grieving process.

In the most difficult moments, remember to “REASSURE” kids.

Parents and families are children’s first teachers. Family Friday focuses on engaging families to support our youngest learners.  You might be thinking, “I’m a parent, not a teacher.” The great news is, whether you’ve had training or not, you are your child’s first teacher.

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