It’s called Sweet Home Alabama for a reason – it’s sweet and it’s home to almost five million Americans. Alabama has a story unlike any other state in the nation, which is probably while the silver screen is always drawn back to the southern roots that run deep through the Alabama dirt. The movies below were all set in Alabama and are classics that shouldn’t be missed.

Alabama Department of Labor Commissioner Fitzgerald Washington, a Tuscaloosa native, recently announced that shared costs to employers have dropped to zero for calendar year 2016.


Shared costs represent a portion of unemployment insurance taxes employers pay on each employee. The last time shared costs were at zero was in 1991.


“This reduction in taxes for Alabama’s employers is great news,” said Washington. “It’s been almost 25 years since employers haven’t paid anything in shared costs. Hopefully, employers will be able to turn those tax savings into new jobs for Alabamians.”

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