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Lake Living: Swing into Spring - Druid City Living, Tuscaloosa's premier community newspaper.

Lake Living: Swing into Spring

Lake Living: Swing into Spring Allison Adams

Spring is in the air. We see daffodils popping through to remind us once again to hang in there! Cold weather has got nothing on me, and these nice warm days are even more blessed as we contrast them with the blustering winds of February. 

 I command you, as the little ones are bustling about, to not let March be just for the “breakers.” Shake off the winter blues and spread some sunshine. Here are a few suggestions: 

 Bring a little sun in. Visit a garden center and pick up something to make you smile. Daffodils are in bloom by the roadside. Pick some for your sweetie (or sweeties) and put them in that vase that has been buried in the cabinet until “some occasion.”   


Visit a forest. One of Alabama’s top industries is forestry. While surrounded by towering trees that actually do speak to you when you are beneath them, kiss your anxieties goodbye. Sit a spell on a rock or a mossy area and just enjoy nature. Lake Nicol has some amazing spots and there are a number of great parks in the area. Take a blanket and invite a friend, or take a book and enjoy just breathing in the fresh air as you read. 

For you not so woodsy types, book something at a spa (or at least block some time on the calendar). No, expense is no excuse. You can do it at home, with kids, without kids, or with a friend. A soak in the tub with some candles is nice. Olive or baby oil from the cabinet and sugar makes a fine body scrub. Do your nails in a snazzy new color, or have them done. It’s all about tying up your mind and body so you aren’t able to reach for that phone.  

And lastly, stop crashing in bed without treating yourself as you deserve to be treated. Why only live in luxury on vacation? We spend more time in our beds than anywhere else in life. Remember your favorite hotel: the robe, the bedding, the pillows (lots of pillows). And turn off that TV at least two nights a week - let nature and total darkness lull you to sleep.  

We are all moving along in life so much faster than we were naturally wired to move. With all of this hustle and bustle, our minds, our families and our bodies take a licking. Try to remember to give yourself a “time out” to enjoy the scenery and those around you. And for a change, pamper yourself, or let someone else pamper you. 

Have a blessed Spring Break, wherever that takes you,






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Allison Adams

Broker Associate at Lake Homes Realty / - As a landowner and former owner of my own Real Estate company on the Gulf Coast, I am thrilled to be a part of cutting edge marketing and technology with LAKE HOMES REALTY, who will market your lake front property assuring that it gets seen.


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