Lake Living: Wishing

By Allison Adams

The holidays bring out the list-maker in everyone: What to buy, where to go, things to do, cards to send. So, this December, I have compiled a list of wishes for Lake Tuscaloosa.

I recently joined a real estate company that specializes in lakes with 10 agents across Alabama. Each lake has a representative. I am Lake Tuscaloosa’s “neighborhood” Realtor with Lake Homes Realty.

This past month, we gathered in Birmingham to share tidbits on the great things about the bodies of water on which we live and work. I was not surprised in our meeting when a voice from South Carolina asked, “Wait, Tuscaloosa has a lake?”

Being a positive person (most of the time), I begin with some “blessing counting” that we have such a great resource so close to the University and close to my hometown of Livingston. I don’t have to preach to the choir, but…


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  • Consistent water levels are huge. I say that as a speedboat boat heads across the horizon as I write, headed out for some fishing on a warm fall afternoon.
  • We have some of the cleanest water around, in that we drink it, and that’s encouraging on all fronts. No mucky silt or river washing mud and trees into the channels like some of our other Alabama lakes.
  • It is still yet undiscovered (although we have owners here from as far as New York, several from Mississippi, Indiana, Florida, Texas, and Tennessee) and hundreds searching each day for lakes in Alabama.
  • The lake is serene, perfect for a peaceful pontoon ride, paddling a canoe or a kayak without fear of being spliced by a cigar boat. Boaters here are careful, as we have a pretty dominant police presence here on the lake as well.
  • Deep water with tapering shores make sailing ideal. Taking in a lesson is on my bucket list.
  • Locals love the lake and participate in the Lake Cleanup each year.
  • Church on the water is offered in a couple of places for those waking up to take in God’s beauty on a Sunday morning.


Being a planner and a habitual list-maker, I also decided to make a list of all of the things I wish for on Lake Tuscaloosa.


  • Every lake needs a restaurant where you can pull up, grab a pizza, and visit with friends. Our friends at Smith’s Marina have been working on that.
  • Where is our Lake Tuscaloosa Tacky Christmas Boat Parade? The river seems to get all of the fun. This year the Christmas Afloat River Parade is back, so that’s great!
  • Which brings me to other festivities and fireworks. Some of the locals shoot them each year, but how fun would organized fireworks on the bluff be among the statuary with boats out in front of the cliffs? Something mild, like the Lake Tuscaloosa Opry used to do, maybe the symphony and picnic on the Lake on the July 3 so we can enjoy the amphitheater on the Fourth!
  • My husband has one request: A boat towing service. We have been lucky so far, but hey, everyone needs to be prepared, just in case. Anchor Bay sent a friend out when our battery didn’t crank on the Sea-Do. It helps to have a plan.
  • We need just one rock to jump off of and mark as our own. Lake Martin takes pride in Chimney Rock, despite all the fools who have not done it so successfully. It’s part of lake fun. And we have careened the shores for a rope swing to no avail. I give the “Lake’s Most Fun” award to the owners who have their own slide (straight down I might add) on the South end of the lake.


Maybe by spring, Santa can work to arrange some of this for our lake-loving friends. For now, I am off to take in the twinkling sunlight as she dips closer to the water to the purr of the soft engine on an aged sailboat as it meanders past on its way to the open water.

Ah…even without the list fulfilled, never a dull moment.

Merry Christmas from Lake Tuscaloosa,


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Allison Adams

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