The Mommy Chronicles: Three Ways to Kick Butt (While Planning a Kid’s Quarantine Birthday)

19 Jun 2020 Marlena Rice
Special décor goes a long way in making kiddos feel special on their big day.  Special décor goes a long way in making kiddos feel special on their big day. Marlena Rice

When quarantining ends, there will definitely be things that moms don’t miss (hunting for toilet paper, for one). But for moms who stress about planning kids’ birthdays, this lockdown makes things simple. Here are three ways to kick butt while planning a quarantine birthday party.

Decide based on your kid’s personality. 

Under normal circumstances, venues for kids parties are virtually endless. Quarantine parties, on the other hand, allow for three prime options: virtual, sidewalk or drive-by parades, or immediate family gatherings. 

If your child is an extrovert, ask parents of friends to drive by at a designated time with signs and fun music parade-style. If your child loves being behind the screen, connecting with friends in a virtual setting may be the best idea. Finally, for kiddos who are on the younger (or shyer) side, keeping the party small with immediate family works.

Invite everyone. 

Rest assured that your front sidewalk can hold lots of kiddos (six feet apart, of course). Also, you’ll likely have a great showing. Many parents working from home are looking to break up their in-home routine.

Document Differently. 

Not everyone has a birthday during a national pandemic, so make sure you document everything. As you sort through your new memories, take time to celebrate your good health. 

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