Lake Living: Why I’m Telling All of You to Get Lost This Month

12 Mar 2020 Allison Adams

It’s March. All the color is motivating me to get out of my winter funk. 

In the darkness of winter, many of us have been focusing on where were going with goals and intentions. Some of us have probably already lost or tossed a few of our goals and are feeling the need for something motivating. 

Stop. Just stop the madness for a bit. Here’s an idea: Why don’t we all just get lost for a few days?  

Because sometimes, getting lost leads to getting found. 

All of us feel lost at points in our lives. We may feel lost in our jobs. I can identify – where did all these real estate agents come from?! Nearly 700 agents and 671 residences for sale as I write this. I’ve been in the top 40 for three years running, and last year I was number one in the Lake Tuscaloosa zip code… but something about this new dynamic scares me for my clients. And they’re probably just as lost and confused about what this means for our market. 

Sometimes, we feel lost at church. Yes, I said that. We’re members of a church and we even feel lost at times – so lost that we’ve only gone twice this year. Lost that we’re in a circle of love, but we can’t seem to balance all the perceived obligations a Christian is supposed to have. 

We feel lost in our world. Viruses and shootings. Why can’t we all try to reach out to one hurting person? How much can we change the dynamic of one lonely child who feels lost because no one cared? 

We get lost in our families. Ive always said most of drama with families lies in the other person having expectations we aren’t even aware of. Take value in the meandering. 

We get lost in our closets – the ones stuffed with things that we don’t care about – but that someone else would value tremendously. 

Here’s the thing: We’re all in this together. Yep, our families are messy and many of us are overweight. (If you’re lucky and your weight is just fine, I recommend a “lost day” in a bakery to put a big smile on your face). 

You know what’s really refreshing? When we admit that we’re lost, we can shed the masks we wear as we try desperately to pretend that we’re not lost. 

So, consider this your permission slip. Get lost. And when you feel like it, get found – your way and on your terms. Get lost in some good music. Get lost in the hobby you did when you were 12 that you haven’t done since. Get lost in a book, in a cafe, on a beautiful street. 

Embrace it – the good, the bad, the ugly. And if you get lost in front of my house, come on in, lets have a beer and enjoy the sun going down on yet another day weve been blessed with to just be authentically stupid and human.  





Allison Adams is a Realtor who is determined to help us all find our authentic selves with self-love and positivity this year – even when we don’t feel like it.  


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