Lake Living: The Many (Many) Characters of Christmas

05 Dec 2019 Allison Adams

The world is full of characters. This holiday season, many of us with gather with our special characters. I thought with all the heavy going on in the world we could look at our family members with a light-hearted attitude. 

As you encounter many of these characters during holiday gatherings, think about all the things you can learn from them. No matter where they are going, they are always trudging forward. 

Think of Linus or Charlie Brown – they stay on focus and continuously discover solutions to challenging problems. Chances are, all of us have a Charlie Brown in the family.

Snoopy uses his good looks, laughter, and charm to make everyone smile. Appreciate the Snoopy in your family.

Pigpen (hey we all have one) makes a mess wherever he is but he’s reliable in the end.  

Rudolph, the underdog who might have been left behind, comes through and surprises us as he leads the way.

The Abominable Snowman is a fearsome, imposing character that makes us cringe – until we realize he’s got a heart as big as the ol’ Grinch himself.  

Cruella Deville? Well you know everyone just needs a hug every now and then. Hug your Cruella with everything you’ve got.

Every  year as we watch Christmas Vacation or Four Christmases, we can relate. We all know a Sparky, working hard to make our Christmas the hap-hap happiest whether we like it or not. 

My point here is this: focus on the meaning of the season when you’re encountering these characters. We should all strive to love our neighbor as ourselves (that includes family, the ones who pounce on us the hardest sometimes). So, take a breath. Spread the joy that is Christmas (or any of the other many holidays this season) to the characters in your life – those in need of a little love, tenderness, forgiveness, and light.  

Who are the characters in your family this season? May you appreciate the unique things that make them special as you gather together this holiday.

Blessings in 2020. May the joy and peace of the season fill your heart and home.  


 Allison Adams is an award-winning agent with Lake Homes Realty who calls Tuscaloosa her forever home. See more of her adventures at and @allisonpadams on Instagram.  

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