The Mommy Chronicles: Fallin’ Around – Planning a Great Day Trip for Your Family

10 Oct 2019 Marlena Rice
Beaux William and his dad, Roderick, posing in front of a United States Military vehicle at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. Beaux William and his dad, Roderick, posing in front of a United States Military vehicle at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville. Marlena Rice

Pumpkin spice everything, Friday night football jamborees, and having the ability to sit on your front porch and rock without sweating as you enjoy the (semi-cool) evening air. These are all welcome signs of fall in Alabama.  

So, what do we do when we find our children (finally) settled into school routines? What to do when we finally catch a break from the steady string of holidays that necessitate yard decorations, food preparation, and family gatherings that leave us wiped out? We get comfortable and fall around, or course.  

Second to summer, fall is my favorite season because it gives us moms room to just be. Were not chasing our kiddos around the neighborhood like we do during summer as they trek the streets, worrying about how they may be forgetting everything they learned the previous school term. And we’re not yet trying to find a balance between hot and humid Alabama weather one day and potential icy streets the next as we shop for school clothes during winter months. We can relax and find ourselves in a routine void of stress, unpredictability, and busyness.  This fall, I have found so much happiness in the day to day responsibilities that go along with having a family. I’ve especially enjoyed our discovery of intellectually and entertaining day trips that give us time together, help us grow and learn, and help us discover new things about the state in which we live.  

So, how do you pick a perfect day trip for your family? Here a few tips that my family has used during our foray into all things (local) travel. 

Consider the children. If there are topics of discussion you haven’t had with your kids yet (because you aren’t sure how to go about it), find a museum that will open the floodgates. The Legacy Museum in Montgomery is a great example of such a place, as it introduces our kids to the history of race relations in the state of Alabama and the U.S.  

Grow the family’s intellect. Knowledge inevitably leads to confidence, conversation, and the hunger for more knowledge. Think about a topic or event that your family wants to learn more about. The U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville gives an amusement park feel while showcasing America’s space history – right down to detailed explanations of each individual planet in space at its Planetarium.  

Experience more community. A sense of community always makes us feel good. We see the same people, grow to know them personally, and adjust to sameness in a routine. Day tripping to another city within your state can grow this sense of community. It can be as simple as enjoying a day in the life of its residents. Visit these places early in the day, try out local restaurants for meals, and work your way through farmer’s markets, parks, and landmark locations that make the location unique. Oak Mountain State Park in Pelham provides a great sense of community. You can enjoy golfing, archery, horseback riding, and walking trails – and plenty of activities that will make you feel like a local. You’ll also have plenty to talk about on the way home.   

Legacy Museum 

115 Coosa Street 

Montgomery, AL 36104 


U.S. Space and Rocket Center 

1 Tranquility Base 

Huntsville, AL 35805 


Oak Mountain State Park 

1100 Terrace Drive 

Pelham, AL 35124 

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