Lake Living: It’s a Beautiful Day in Your Neighborhood

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood recently celebrated 50 years. Every time I introduce a client to our area, they are focused on neighborhoods – the dynamics of the small towns that surround our growing little city: Brookwood. Vance. Northport. Lake View. Coker. Moundville. They also want to know more about the smaller neighborhood pockets – the historic districts, Alberta, downtown Tuscaloosa, The Townes, Riverchase, Northriver, Lake Tuscaloosa, Northwood Lake, and Waterfall, to name a few.  

There is so much going on in Tuscaloosa and such opportunity for these niche areas to embrace their unique treasures. We see a swing for community interaction with Northwood Lake. We have watched as downtown Northport collaborates with "shop at home" slogans and polishes the small town, artsy, Mayberry way of life. 

Each of us can influence the future of the places we call home. Mr. Rogers was an ordained minister who focused not on preaching, but on taking his simple message of "loving your neighbor as yourself" to the world. And he changed the way children interacted with those around them. 

In our city, movers and shakers and everyday residents are embracing their love for our communities and defining the future for those who live here. Families continue to flock here to retire, become educated, to live and work, and to experience what makes Tuscaloosa unique. 

This year, the city has been having open meetings to plan the future with the input of our citizens. This mess on the streets is all in the name of progress that involves infrastructure, fiber optics, as well as smoother, tightly manicured roads. 

So, when it takes a bit longer to get where you’re going, imagine the progress that lies beneath, for technology, and for our futures. A bump in the road for a better future for those needing the resources is not too much to ask.

We should all love our city and our neighbors as ourselves. Walking trails and riverfront resources, restaurants, and events don’t just pop up and happen. There are people behind the scenes, bringing ideas and what if's they experience in other places to the table. Together, the community pulls it off. 

Its an exciting time to be a neighbor in Tuscaloosa. What can you do to embrace all that is neighborly? 

Start small. Grab the Nextdoor app and communicate with your neighbors. Swap ideas and goods. Help find lost pets. Offer (or take advantage of) tutoring and babysitting services. It’s a great portal to your neighborhood.

Every month, there is a first Thursday art walk in Northport and a First Friday Art Walk in downtown Tuscaloosa. We have a great farmers market and lots of wine tasting events. Get active and get involved.  So much is going on around us. Be a neighborly part of your neighborhood.



Allison Adams is an artist and Realtor with Lake Homes Realty. Contact her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on Instagram @allisonpadams.  

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