The Mommy Chronicles: Surviving as Your Little Grows Up

05 Sep 2019 Marlena Rice
Beaux William on his first day of first grade. Beaux William on his first day of first grade. Marlena Rice

Six years, three months, and 10 days into motherhood, I have noticed some things. I’ve hit a high professionally, my Little is more independent of me and is thriving in his new school environment, and he and I have had conversations that are a little bit more “grown-up” than normal. We’ve talked back and forth, about big people things, with no tantrums or denials of guilt and amusingly solid moments of reflection on his behalf. Is this what it’s like when previous stressors become mere normality, depositing blocks of time back in your day since they are no longer causes for anxiety? I think so. 

What am I to do? Amid moving to a new home, navigating a new business, and learning a new way to school for my Little, there are some key things I’m trying to remember as I learn this new way of motherhood. I’m surviving and growing independent while my Little does the same. 

  1. Take the opportunity to communicate.

Most parents have topics of concern they want to discuss with their children when they reach a certain age. These topics vary based on familial beliefs, morals, and the way individual families choose to raise their children. As your kiddos get older, think about introducing these conversations into your daily talks, and gauge whether they are ready. 

Mama Survival: Not only will you get these important conversations off your chest, but you’ll feel confident as you instill in your children what you know is best for them. 

  1. Do things with your Littles you couldn’t do while they were young.

If you like to work out, and your child has outgrown the kiddie room at the gym, or if you have a weekend hobby that your child is now old enough to participate in with you, have them join you. This is a great bonding time, but you will also introduce your child to something fun that you enjoy, letting them see a different side of you. 

  1. Be thankful for the past, but don’t neglect the future.

When you have little people, it’s easy to constantly reflect on the past. But be excited about what’s ahead. Start goal setting with your children and putting action toward these same things. 

Mama Survival: Planning for the future with your children not only leads to excitement, it helps the entire family to grow toward the goals you’ve set for them. 

  1. Learn yourself again.

As your children grow older, they will continue to need you, but in different ways. As they take on more after-school clubs and practices, or spend more time with friends, go back to the things that you used to do in your spare time. If you can’t remember what those things are, discover something new that meets your new interests. 

  1. Be goal-oriented again.

If you’ve found yourself in recent years struggling to survive, living day to day and no longer goal-setting like when you were young, create goals to grow professionally, emotionally, and mentally.  

Mama Survival: With older children comes more available time to learn, revisit, and make these things happen. 

Marlena Rice is a busy mom and writer who lives in Tuscaloosa with her husband, Rod, and their son, Beaux William. Check out her blog at  

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