Lake Living: Make Time to Enjoy Your Independence and Bask in the Beauty of Summer

Take time to put the top down and cruise this summer. Don't let it pass you by. Take time to put the top down and cruise this summer. Don't let it pass you by. Allison Adams

I love July.

Cities display flags along the highways. I always wonder why they aren't displayed all year round. I sit up a little higher in my car when I go by, realizing how lucky I am to be an American. Even in the midst of so much controversy, we should all appreciate the right of choice to debate.

Independence Day also reminds me to break free from some of the things that bog me down during other times of the year. We are each here, a thread of yarn on a flag, with different qualities to share. Our unique fingerprints are needed in creative, educational, and business places – and especially in the formation of the next generation of Americans. It is our fault if we don't share with them the pride of what it is to be planted right here on American soil. 

Summer is in full swing. The lakes are swarming with families making memories, and the smell of meat on the grill wafts across yards on most any afternoon. It’s time to slow down and savor the greatness of the American summer.

Sometimes, we just have to take off our shoes and walk barefoot in the grass. If we don't, it's just another summer going by.

May your afternoon include BLTs, plenty of barbecue, and perhaps a cold beer by the lake or at a riverside concert. Cheers to some downtime! God Bless the USA!




I’m the “artsy Realtor” with Lake Homes Realty, and I’d love to see what you’ve planted. Tag me in your Instagram post @allisonpadams. 

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