Lake Living: What Seeds are You Planting in Your Life This Spring?

I’m the “artsy Realtor” with Lake Homes Realty, and I’d love to see what you’ve planted. Tag me in your Instagram post @allisonpadams. I’m the “artsy Realtor” with Lake Homes Realty, and I’d love to see what you’ve planted. Tag me in your Instagram post @allisonpadams.

With all this rain we’ve had lately, all I have been thinking about is planting seeds. A little cold snap a few weeks ago actually made me thankful I had done some procrastinating. 

Every spring, we have the hope of new things to come. 

"If you aren't changing and growing," Darren Hardy, who is an energetic life coach and founder of Fortune magazine says, "you are dying." 

Maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but it is true. 

So, what seeds are you planting in your workplace, your home, your life? What about in your children and grandchildren?

While sorting through old papers, I found Bible study notes scribbled and poured into the hearts of my children when they were six and nine. At 23 and 26, they often have to pour them into me when I am clinging on a rope of my own making. 

Every day, I am sowing seeds of home ownership into the lives of new couples just getting married, checking their credit, dreaming of what they might have blossom together. I work with empty nesters who are downsizing, dreaming of where they will go with the money that is no longer tied into the homes that nurtured their families. I meet couples coming here to be with their University age children in a lake house or vacation home. 

This morning, a bulb burst through the ground – a dirty, ugly brown ball of caked-on dirt clinging to a beautiful purple bud that caught my eye. It reminded me to fully take in life, every minute of it. I need to plant more seeds.

Take time to sow the seeds of love in your home.

Find time to interact one on one. As summer comes, be like a child. Play bubbles in the sink. Watch movies together. Let the kids create, plan, and cook a meal. Stage a goofy fashion show. 

Whatever it is that made you smile and feel alive when you were young, just do it! If you aren't playing, you are working too hard. If you aren't growing, you are dying. 

Sometimes, the best flowers are those you planted last year – the ones you forgot all about until voila! You look outside and there is a full planter of small orange flowers you planted. 

Love, laughter, and peace to you in the throes of spring! 

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