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04 Apr 2019 Allison Adams
Group painting at the Lorrie Lane Gallery makes creativity fun.  Group painting at the Lorrie Lane Gallery makes creativity fun. Allison Adams

Spring brings creativity to life, in the ground, on the trees, and with flowers bursting forth to get us out of our winter rut. In Northport and Tuscaloosa, the first weekend of April brings artists out to share their creativity. Galleries pull out all the stops with catering, bands, and cultural stimulation.  

Art Night in Northport is held on the first Thursday of each month. Events center around the Kentuck Gallery and several venues in the area where artists collaborate and share their work. 

First Friday in Tuscaloosa has expanded, making it a great reason to get downtown and try a new restaurant while dropping into numerous galleries that take part. The Dinah Washington Cultural Arts Center on Greensboro Ave. is a great starting point.

The Druid City Arts Festival (Apr. 5-6 at Government Plaza downtown) is the perfect opportunity to get out and immerse yourself in art, and to meet artists from across the region. 

Need more inspiration? Check out the Lorrie Lane Gallery (910 31st Ave.) in Tuscaloosa. Lorrie is an incredibly gifted artist and she’s taught me so much about oil painting!

Also, the Tuscaloosa Painters Alliance meets regularly to discuss capturing the personality of the city on canvas and paper. I highly recommend groups like this. When I lived in Birmingham, each Wednesday for more than six years, a group of us would meet to share creative ideas and nurture each other. 

We all need community, to live among the creative, and to learn from each other about our differences and our common threads that make us a part of this southern tapestry.

Want more? Shelton State Community College has the wonderful Bean-Brown Theatre Gallery, and the University of Alabama has a great new art wing. Also, there’s the Olli Learning Program, where just last semester I dove into  

watercolor, a poured paint project, and an intro to oil painting. 

With each passing year, I find myself incorporating creativity in everything I do from setting the table to finding different ways to weave the arts into my world.

It is never too late to nurture the creativity that we all have in us. Dig deep and think back to your early childhood. What did you love to do? Embrace your inner artist and find that passion once again. What are you waiting for? Spring is blooming – and so should you. 

I’m the “artsy Realtor” with Lake Homes Realty, and I’d love to see what you create. Tag me in your Instagram post @allisonpadams. 

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