Lake Living: Now is the Time to Start Living Your Life with More Purpose

22 Nov 2018 Allison Adams
Make it a point to live life with purpose. Surround yourself with friends and loved ones this Thanksgiving. Make it a point to live life with purpose. Surround yourself with friends and loved ones this Thanksgiving. Allison Adams

Even when times get hard, there is so much to be thankful for. I love this time of year, and the chance to slow down a bit. This November, as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, the focus is on moments. 

The average lifespan in the U.S. is 72 for males and 81 for females. That means most of us will get around 13,000 mornings in our lifetimes. 

Not to doom and gloom, but I’m 50 (ish). This means I have around 5000 mornings left. If you are 45, you have about 6500. If you are 30, you have about 10,000 left. 

How will you spend these mornings? Make them count.

I recently saw Maria Shriver talking about Americans’ battle with loneliness, and it rang so true.  We must make real relationships count, because we spend so much time with those (often) "fake” social media ones that we forget how to appreciate those people right in front of us.

As you gather around homes filled with friends and loved ones this holiday season, make a point to really be there.  

Live the next 30 days, including your mornings, with more purpose. That doesn't mean you can't also nurture moments with yourself, though. Listen to a podcast about something you have always wanted to do. Listen to new music you have never heard before. Take a different route home and enjoy a beautiful fall sunset in Tuscaloosa. Take a family member who could use your influence and your wisdom somewhere special. Pull out old board games – or spend some of those valuable hours playing cards with your family.

Those are the moments that will stand still in time, that will be remembered, that will be of value to those around you. I've been taking a genealogy class through OLLI at the University of Alabama. I realized, with my grandparents gone, I didn't listen enough to their stories. What stories do you have time to listen to? To tell? Now is your moment.

Have a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving. 


Allison Adams is a mom of four and a Realtor with Lake Homes Realty serving Lake Tuscaloosa. For comments, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 

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