CSP Spotlight: Use Thanksgiving to teach Children about Gratitude

Parents, Thanksgiving is right around the corner! Use this holiday to talk to children about the importance of giving back and teach social-emotional learning concepts like gratitude and empathy.

  • The Power of Gratitude

Did you know that being grateful leads to positive health outcomes for kids? As a holiday dedicated towards showing gratitude, parents can use Thanksgiving to talk with your children about what gratitude means and how to show it to others.

  • Practicing intentional gratitude has many different benefits for children, including:
    • Improved physical and mental health
    • More positive feelings toward schools
    • Better relationships with their families
  • Activities to Encourage Intentional Gratitude
    • A good way to encourage intentional gratitude among your children is to keep a gratitude journal.
    • Encourage your children to take a notebook and write three things they are grateful for every day during the week of Thanksgiving
    • For children who are too young to write, you can have them draw a picture of someone or something they are grateful for.
    • Use the stories of Thanksgiving to get your children to think about the things they have that the pilgrims didn’t have, and talk about how Native Americans showed empathy for the plight of the pilgrims by sharing what they had.
    • Ask your children how someone has shown them empathy by sharing something or helping them when they needed it
  • Encourage your children during the week of Thanksgiving to make an effort to show their gratitude by doing something kind for someone else. Some examples include:
  • Bringing a special drawing to their teacher
  • Going out of their way to sit with someone who normally sits alone during lunch
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