The Mommy Chronicles: A Day in the Life (and Why Organization Matters)

20 Sep 2018 Marlena Rice
Beaux William is ready for his first day of Kindergarten at Riverwood Classical School.  Beaux William is ready for his first day of Kindergarten at Riverwood Classical School.  Marlena Rice

As a kindergarten mother, I am so happy to see my Little back in school. Summer was great, there was a good bit of rest to be had, and, boy, was it had, but… I’ve gained back a huge sense of mommy purpose.

With a husband who works from home, there were many days this summer that I came home and felt completely out of the loop. Now, I’ve asserted myself, putting into practice a few things I’ve always planned to do. Let me tell you, organization during the school months is key, whether you have kids in high school, or starting school for the first time. Here are a few tips that I hope will help you get back into the school groove.

Make the decision that you will be successful in your scheduling. In most families, moms are the bread that hold the family “sandwich” together. Pray over your family, assert yourself during the times you feel like you can’t handle the tasks at hand, and do your best. It will all work out.

Create a routine that fits your family.  My son is amazing with his schedule. After our first day of school, I was adamant that his bedtime would be around 8:30 p.m., and that we’d have some sort of enrichment time each evening. We’re only a few weeks in, but we are doing it. 

What can you do? Start off by deciding your child’s bedtime. Once you know your end game, plug in any necessary activities, a regular time for dinner, and add time for all the things that are important to you and your family. Stick to the schedule, no matter how tired you are. Enjoy the (often too little) time you have with your child. A schedule is beneficial for everyone. 

Bathe your children at night. My Little used to weasel his way out of his nightly bath with cute faces, multiple requests for late night snacks, drinks, and even tears. These past few weeks, I’ve been super consistent. And I’ve enjoyed not having to fight a temper tantrum during a morning bath. 

What can you do? Even if it’s early, if you know your child is in the house for the rest of the night, make bath or shower duty happen, and go about the rest of your evening. 

I overheard a mom say once that her children’s bath night was “Wednesday.” Scheduling is great, but I’d strongly encourage you to do this more than once a week. Ha!

Marlena Rice is a busy mom and writer who lives in Tuscaloosa with her husband, Rod, and their son, Beaux William. Check out her blog at  

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