Give Life to Your Story: Things Are Not Always What They Seem

Mike Green serves as Executive Director of Tuscaloosa Youth For Christ. He and his wife have two great adult kids and two wonderful grandchildren.   Mike Green serves as Executive Director of Tuscaloosa Youth For Christ. He and his wife have two great adult kids and two wonderful grandchildren. Mike Green

During a recent Campus Life club meeting on a Wednesday morning, we had a great conversation about how things are often not what they seem. As I have wrestled with what we talked about that day with a room full of middle schoolers, it dawned on me that the information shared in that time is perfect for a much broader audience. So, here is my recollection of what we talked about that day. 

Have you ever seen the TV show Hoarders? If you haven’t, it’s a reality show about people who are obsessed with their stuff to the point of not even throwing their trash away. One day, while I was scanning channels, I stumbled across the show. In this episode, the TV cameramen were in the house of a woman who literally had three and half feet of trash in every room – old pizza boxes, smelly milk cartons, plates of food, and much, much more. Three feet high. And you will not believe this: As the cameramen waded through the debris, they uncovered two decomposing cats. That’s right, this woman didn’t even remove the bodies of her dead pets. Astounding. 

Well if that wasn’t bizarre enough, listen to this. At the beginning of the show, as the cameramen made their way up to the house, what you saw was a home that looked perfectly normal. The grass was mowed. Shrubs trimmed. Just plain normal. No one passing on the street would have ever asked themselves, “I wonder if that house has three feet of trash in every room?” 

Well, I don’t know if you are a family that keeps everything super clean or not. And I assume that things have not gotten as bad as they have for the woman on the show. But a lot of times, there is garbage on the inside of us. No one knows about it, because we have gotten pretty good at hiding it and putting on a smile, so no one catches on. I remember as a kid, as I faced life’s challenges, I bottled everything up inside. I didn’t talk it out. I never let anyone in to see the inside. I once heard someone say that people can be a lot like ducks. Above the water, they look graceful and calm, but underneath, their feet are paddling just as fast as they can go just to survive. I was, and have been, a duck on many occasions. 

We completed our conversation about how things are not always what they seem on that early Wednesday morning. Then, I shared some good news with our kids. I let them know that there is a God who sees them just exactly as they are. He sees the outside and the inside. And get this, He is absolutely crazy about us. He loves us. And according to His word, the Bible, he desires more than anything to be a part of our life and turn that trash into something truly awesome. In Campus Life, we completely believe this to be true. Is it time for you to let God do something truly amazing in your life?  

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