Give Life to Your Story: Giving Your Child Your Best Helps Their Well-Being

08 Jun 2018 Faith Johnson-May

The barrage of activities that our children participate in, from school to playgroups, can leave them both anxious and scattered. This hectic schedule can stress both parent and child. Combating this stress and sense of anxiousness is no easy task. Parents are wise to not tackle this alone, but to seek assistance from grandparents, teachers, and other caretakers.  

Things as simple as how we greet children can create a sense of well-being. When you greet your children, are your words warm and your smile wide – or does your own stress create a less-than-welcoming environment for your child?  

Let your child know how delighted you are to see them. Remember, when they were small, you probably did this naturally. We tend to greet babies with an enthusiastic “hello.” But as our kids’ age, we sometimes develop less-than-encouraging habits. Give your kids your very best. Don’t just be in the same room with them. Giving them your full attention can increase their happiness and foster a sense of well-being. This carries over when other concerns call for your attention, and you can’t be fully focused on your child.  

Here are a few other very simple ways to teach your kids how to declutter their mind and increase well-being: 

Sensory exploration – Give small children the chance to explore with all their senses. Children learn better by exploring and using all their senses together. A very simple example of sensory play is Play-Doh, or even playing with shaving cream on a tray or table.  

Understanding emotions and feelings – We need to help children understand their feelings and emotions. By increasing their emotional vocabulary, we are enabling them to understand their feelings and other people’s feelings.  Making sure children know how to describe the emotions they’re feeling is crucial.   

Quiet time and stillness – We need to help children find times to rest and experience moments of stillness. Are there spaces in your home where your child can relax? Creating the space for them to be still, and teaching them to unwind, can help declutter their mind. In my home, we create this space by encouraging personal “prayer time with God” after a family bible study and prayer.  

Finally, if we are going to help children to have a good sense of well-being, we need to pay attention to our own feelings. We need to take care of ourselves. We need to ensure we are eating well, exercising, and resting. Children are intuitive and can easily tell when something isn’t right with mommy, or daddy. We must lead by example.  

I recommend taking full advantage of the summer break and consider creating a few weekly practices to foster better relationships with your child year-round. 

Faith Johnson-May is the Parent Life Director of Tuscaloosa Youth for Christ. You can reach her at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
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