CSP Spotlight: Child Abuse Comes in Many Forms – Know What to Look For

Child abuse is more than physically hurting a child.  Be aware of the various forms of child abuse to help keep children safe. Here are the following forms of abuse and examples for each.

  1. Verbal and Emotional Abuse is child abuse.
    • Teasing, using put downs, even jokes, harming a child’s self-esteem, manipulation, ridicule, not listening to a child, engaging a child in criminal acts
  2. Sexual Abuse is child abuse.
    • Touching a child’s private parts, exposing a child to pornography or sex organs, forcing a child to touch someone’s private parts, using inappropriate sexual talk when speaking to a child, child prostitution
  3. Neglect is child abuse.
    • Leaving a child without supervision or with an inadequate caregiver, ignoring s child’s emotional, physical, and educational needs, including failing to provided healthy food and drinks and ensure personal hygiene

Take Action to Stop Abuse! If you suspect child abuse, contact your local child protective services or law enforcement agency immediately. You also can call the Childhelp National Child Abuse Hotline at 1-800-422-4453.

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