The Mommy Chronicles: The Great Camp Out, Part One

10 May 2018 Marlena Rice
The Mommy Chronicles: The Great Camp Out, Part One Marlena Rice

When I began writing this column almost five years ago, I was pretty much under the impression that by the time I was three or four years in, I would basically be a parenting expert.

Ha! While I’ve become even more addicted to my son than I was when he was first born, I must admit that I’m still chronically late for everything. I still take a long time packing his bags (from diaper bags to backpacks) due to fear of forgetting something. And biggest of all: I still smother. Smother Mother in full effect, y’all. Guilty. 

My husband and I started a family tradition around the time of my little person’s second birthday. We began to travel, close enough to home to keep things simple, but far enough to get little man some travel miles under his belt. For his second birthday, we took a day trip to the Birmingham Zoo. For his third birthday, we spent the day at the Georgia Aquarium. And for his fourth birthday, we went to the Tennessee Aquarium and thoroughly enjoyed the River Gorge Explorer boat ride. Do you see a trend here? What are we going to do with this kid when he turns 16? I feel like I need to start saving for that event yesterday. But I digress …

Since we are, of course, another year older, age four has brought us full-time K4 schooling and karate as our extracurricular activity. These new environments have helped my little person grow, giving him a means to embrace new relationships, which has been great. It has also led me to finally conclude that it’s time to nix having a family-only birthday celebration. We are going all out. I’ve hunted down what I need from Pinterest and Etsy, and we’ve even got real deal invitations. 

Initially, Beaux wanted a “tree cutter” birthday. After a quick online search, it occurred to me that while I can do lots of things, this wasn’t my cup of tea. And while my son is very well-informed when it comes to Kubota, construction equipment, and miscellaneous lawn care necessities, I had no idea what to do for a “tree cutter” party. I don’t even know what a tree cutter looks like.  

My ever-so-wise four-year-old little saw the panic-stricken look on my face and decided (for once) to take it easy on me. 

“Mama, we can do a camping party, too.”

So, “Camp Beaux,” it is. And after several hours of watching YouTube videos and taking copious notes, plans for Camp Beaux were in full effect. Beverages will include “bug juice” and “creek water.” There will be tents made from PVC piping and drop cloths. This is a DIY mom’s dream come true. 

Tune in for next month’s Chronicles to see it all come together. 

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