Lake Living: Notes to My (Soon-to-Be) College Graduate

03 May 2018 Allison Adams
Allison Adams is a mom of four and a Realtor with Lake Homes Realty serving Lake Tuscaloosa. For comments, email   Allison Adams is a mom of four and a Realtor with Lake Homes Realty serving Lake Tuscaloosa. For comments, email   Allison Adams

It’s happening. Another child is about to graduate from UA, and I couldn’t be prouder. Like many parents, I find myself nostalgic, and filled with the overwhelming need to offer unsolicited advice to her for the future. Unfortunately for her and family, I share in print! Here goes …

1. Never stop learning.

I could be mistaken for multiple persons if you follow me on social media: Allison the former Designer (my major at UA), Allison the Artist, Allison the Writer, Allison the Realtor. I wear many hats, and the desire to keep learning and evolving has never left me. I think I learned early to not lead a normal life. Who is normal anyway?

Yes, you are excited to be finished with school, but keep learning. Be curious, my favorite oldest daughter. Seek to know more about everything. 


2. Get ready to start all over.

You’re past the minimum legal drinking age. And you’ve made it past the hurdles of college. Now, you’re embarking on a career. Guess what? You’re a freshman, all over again, on that career path. You’re at the bottom of the ladder once again. So, don’t expect to be lunching with the execs just yet. Work hard and seize any opportunities that come your way.  See step 1. 


3. Respect your mama’s opinions. You don’t have to agree with them, though.

You are 22, and you are engaged. So, read all the blogs, visit all the Pinterest boards, and make all the posts you want – Despite vowing to never become like my mother …I will probably interject my opinion here as I have all your life. You don’t have to agree, or acquiesce, but I’ll always have them ready for you. And when you push back? Well, I’ll just remind you of all the pushing I did to get you out into this world.  


4. Push your boundaries.

This world is huge. HUGE. When you go up in that plane, look down. We’re one of the four or six dots living in one of those tiny squares among the hundreds in the neighborhood, thousands in that town, and millions along those mountains and trenches you’re seeing as lights and earth. 

Don’t spend the majority of your life right here. Explore wherever (and whenever) you have the opportunity – so you can experience that your way may not the only (or right) way of doing things. Think of the world as your classroom, your office, and your home.  


5. Nurture your family.

Remember us, your family, as you leave us behind to make your own – and nurture yours as God intended… with Him as the leader, your husband, and then your kids. 

I know we’re your parents, but when you cleave… you are told to leave! Call it experience, call it a guess, either way, I wish you all the best. I am grateful. I am not losing a daughter – but gaining another son. And sappy as it is that it rhymes, I can’t think of a better one!

What!? Dear daughter, did you not think I’ll be gearing up for a big toast? Cheers to your independence … I’ll be there every step of the way! 


Blessings from your Mom and best friend, 


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