Lake Living: Love Your Family Through Your Home

February is the season for love. Love your family by making your home a place that nurtures the best of who you can be – each of you. 

We’ve all heard it: “If mama or daddy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” We’re not all happy 100 percent of the time. Give yourself permission to have a place to get away – so no one even notices when you don’t have it all together. Make it a place to nurture your soul. Need some ideas?

Keep things you love on or in your bedside table ... things that help you relax: a book, lavender, chocolates that only you know how to find. I keep mine in a box I collaged with photos of things and places that I love.

In the bathroom, add some bath bombs, preferably with glitter. For under $400, you can get a bidet with a heated seat – or you could just spring for the $10 Bed Bath & Beyond disco toilet light. Live a little!

Make your bed luxurious. Why is it that we spend all our money on our children’s linens, and then we pull out our budget sheets for our own beds? This is your year to splurge. Tuck your kids in with a terrycloth kit – they probably won’t even notice. 

Make your home a place to nurture your family. In the living room, get out the games – yes, even the old ones. Let the kids roll their eyes. Two nights of old-fashioned gaming without Netflix and you’ll all be hooked. 

Families who eat together prosper. Make the dining room and the kitchen a central focus of your home. Let this be the year you know what’s going on in your child’s life. No children? Invite over a neighbor or friend, and pull out the old recipe books. Gather around the stove ... it will light your heart. 

Make your home a place to create. I’m bringing my son’s piano from the attic – my daughter and I are going to learn to play at least one song. What’s in your attic? Pull things out, and see what blossoms in 2018. If nothing else, you’ll enjoy a good laugh with a little effort.

Spend your time living. This month, we lost a family member who did a lot of talking about living. It gives perspective. Right now, my brilliant musician/stunt pilot/English professor dad is in a nursing home – in part because alcohol consumed his life. This isn’t meant to be a downer. It’s just a reminder to live your life, and live it big. It’s the only one you have. 

And if the home you have doesn’t nurture life for you and those around you? Be the change. Fill it with love – it’s all the world needs, after all. 




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Allison Adams

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