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Mike Green, and his wife Laura, serve on staff of Tuscaloosa Youth For Christ. You may reach Mike at Mike Green, and his wife Laura, serve on staff of Tuscaloosa Youth For Christ. You may reach Mike at Mike Green

As 2018 begins, I invite you to invest in the lives of the youth of our community. December was a fresh reminder of the desperate situations many of our young people face. The holidays bring many of these needs to the surface. Churches and other groups are more diligently looking to fill needs. Families are more ready to ask for help. But what many of us uncover can be disheartening. Families are often ill-equipped to guide their children through the teenage years. Neighborhoods bring bad influences. Peer pressure has never been greater. Teens have more people ready to feed them poor advice than ever before. 

But we can make a difference.

I have the privilege of working with one of the many great youth organizations serving the teenagers in our community. I know Youth For Christ, as well as other organizations, are in desperate need of more concerned adults who might step into the lives of young people with a few hours each month, or even each week. Opportunities to serve the general youth population in our schools and neighborhoods, or to impact even more desperate youth who find themselves pregnant, lonely, or even incarcerated, are available. 

What I have discovered is age has little to do with whether you are a good fit to serve. We have seen adults from their 20s to their 60s find great fulfillment in walking alongside and mentoring high school students. And we are still looking for some 70-year-olds to join us. 

So here is my challenge: Find a place to serve. Sacrifice a few hours that can literally change a life. And that life might just impact many others. When you invest in the life of a teen mom, you directly impact the life of their child. When you help that kid who is locked up for an offense find the strength to stand against the negative influences flooding his life, you may just have changed the futures of his brothers and sisters and the friends on his block. 

And I am not just advocating for Youth For Christ. This may be the perfect fit for some, but for others, it may the local youth athletic league, or the Scouts. It may just be the neighbor kid you know is struggling. If you are not sure where to start, reach out to a local organization. You may have your eyes opened to a world of need and an opportunity you never knew existed. 

I hope you make this a great 2018 for a young person who needs you in their life. Please go make a difference.   

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