CSP Spotlight: First Time Club

If you are having trouble getting your child to do something when you ask, try this simple activity/game with your child.  Have him/her to become a member of “The First Time Club.”

  1. Make up a chart with 30 squares.
  2. Tell the child that each time he/she does something the first time he/she is asked, a happy face will be placed in a square. When all the squares are completed, the child will earn a reward.
  3. Mutually agree on the reward. For younger children, you can place a picture of the reward on the chart and for older children you can write-in the award on the chart.
  4. Then practice with the child how he/she is to behave. “Each time I ask you to do something, I want you to: (1) Use good eye contact, (2) Listen quietly, (3) Say OK I will ____. Then (4) Do it.” Practice this, making a number of requests.
  5. Start the program.

Be sure to praise the child for each success during practice as well as when the program starts. By the time the squares are filled, the child will have developed a new habit. When the child completes the program, provide the reward immediately. Take the chart down and allow the child to have it as part of the reward. Continue to use praise and encouragement to make sure this new habit remains and becomes even stronger.

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