Give Life To Your Story: Asking For Help with All of Life’s Challenges

Mike Green and his wife, Laura, serve on staff with Tuscaloosa Youth For Christ. You may reach Mike at Mike Green and his wife, Laura, serve on staff with Tuscaloosa Youth For Christ. You may reach Mike at Mike Green

I was a good student in high school and college. Mostly A’s in high school and then A’s and B’s at UA, as I pursued a degree in mechanical engineering. School was definitely challenging. There were often times each semester I thought there was no way to finish the coursework and keep my sanity. 

The challenges of college were amplified by a flaw in my makeup that I knew existed, but I had no idea how to overcome. Even in the most difficult of times, I wouldn’t ask for help. I was the student who rarely asked a question in class. Only on a few occasions did I ever seek out a professor for assistance, or even ask a classmate for support. Mine was a solitary approach to school. I have spent hours of self-analysis attempting to determine the root of this issue. (Yeah, I didn’t even ask for help with this need.) Was it ego? Maybe I thought I was smart enough to just know all the answers. On some occasions, I thought asking for help might be seen as weak. Was I too bashful? Or was I just lazy? None of the answers seem to be clear.  

As you can imagine, the unwillingness to share my needs was not limited to just school. What was seen on clear display in my approach to education was also seen in almost every area of my life. To be a bit vulnerable, it led to a lot of lonely and painful moments. With that admission, I am going to share my main point. Ask for help. “In which areas of life?” you may be wondering. I suggest in every area. In your approach to parenting, ask for help. In dealing with difficult relationships, ask for help. In conquering bad habits you just can’t let go of, ask for help. When faced with decisions, large and small, ask for help. Ask for help. 

Maybe you are like me and are tired of having all the right answers.  How freeing it may be to learn that others’ insights may lift your load. And remember this: You are still in control. You are the one who will choose to accept the guidance from friends, families, counselors, and even God. Life is tough. We need all the help we can get. Well, now I am going to ask for the help of my trusted editor and my wife, so the final version of this article is something worth reading. And trust me – you will be glad I did. Give life to your story.  

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