CSP Spotlight: Hang Out With Your Kids

One of the best ways to really understand your child is to get to know his/her world. Hang out with your child. Children are not always good about telling their mom or dad what their worries might be.

You can get in touch with your child’s needs and at the same time nurture a healthy relationship by:


  • Just hanging out together...do something you mutually enjoy


  • Letting your child chose how to spend this special time together with you


  • Excluding everyone else...this is YOUR time, make it special


  • Getting away from distractions like the TV, telephone or other interruptions


  • Sometimes choosing a private spot...a park bench, your front porch, etc.


  • Allowing for “quiet” time when there isn’t any conversation; kids often need time to work up the nerve to tell parents something important


  • Developing a hobby or special interest that belongs just to the two of you playing games, laughing, being silly


  • Letting your child know just how special it is when just the two of you are


Community Service Programs of West Alabama (CSP), Inc.’s Head Start/Early Head Start, Child Care Partnership, and Early Intervention programs engage families and encourage healthy lifestyle choices.

Safe and healthy children are ready to learn and explore their world.

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