CSP Spotlight: Holiday Shopping with Kids

It is the holiday season and that means much shopping!

Parents are often distracted and kids are intrigued by elevators, escalators, and elaborate store displays; which poses a surprising number of hazards that can cause severe injuries.  Here are some tips for keeping children safe during the holiday shopping.

  • Play it safe -- don't allow your child to poke around displays and platforms. 
  • Don't allow children to reach for anything on a table above their sight line -- they might knock over heavy objects or tip over the table.
  • Hold your child's hand so you can guide him/her on and off the escalator; make sure that his/her fingers don't get stuck in the gaps of the escalator's handrail.
  • Got a stroller? Take the elevator instead of escalator.
  • Check your child's clothing. Make sure his shoelaces are tied and don't allow him/her to drag his/her coat or scarf on the ground.
  • Mind the gap. Make sure that the elevator is level with the floor before you exit. Your child could trip, or his/her foot could get stuck in the gap.
  • Have an action plan. Make sure your child knows what to do if he/she loses you.
  • Always stay within arm's reach of your child when you go shopping!

To learn more about Community Service Programs of West Alabama, including Head Start and Early Head Start programs, visit cspwal.com.

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