The Mommy Chronicles: Mama’s Thanksgiving Thanks List, Take Four

Beaux William,

I am four years into this mama life, and I am truly thankful for …

  1. Your growing collection of Hot Wheels cars, monster trucks, pickup trucks, trains, and everything that moves … and way they “tickle” my feet when I step on them walking through our home. Like every day.
  2. The way you like to “love” our dog, Midnight. So much so that he plays dead so you’ll leave him alone.
  3. The way you landscape our backyard, side yard, and front yard with holes and puddles as you “work” with your constantly growing collection of construction equipment.  
  4. How you won’t always give me a hug … until I fake cry and you come running, because you still care about mama’s feelings.  
  5. The quickness with which your feet move when you hear the hiss of a soda can opening.
  6. The way you encourage me to eat the chocolate parts of your Oreos after you lick all the cream off them.
  7. Your sweet face, and the way your fake cry turns into the cutest smile when I say yes, you can watch a race car video on YouTube.
  8. Your amazing sense of direction. Every public venue we enter, be it grocery, hardware, toy, or department store, you know exactly how to reach the aisle with toys and games without my help.  
  9. Your belief in sharing, as you pick all the good bits of food from my plate – before you even touch yours. 
  10. The fact that we can “share” coffee in the morning because you already understand the importance of caffeine and a great mug in the a.m.
  11. Your long eyelashes, dimples, and precious little nose. 
  12. The way your y’s are sometimes silent, and your “you” sounds like “ou.”
  13. How you assert your independence like a big boy until you get “scared” and need my help for the little things you do so well.  
  14. That time during your birthday party when I heard you tell your friend that your mom is the best (more than once!).
  15. The way you ask me if the sister we are praying for is in my belly yet.
  16. How, every day of your life, you’ve made me feel loved and special.
  17. The excitement in your eyes when you experience something for the first time, and the way it reminds me how truly innocent you are. 
  18. How you still like to cuddle at night, even though you’re a “big boy.”
  19. The way you’re beginning to truly understand and put into practice the things I am teaching you. 
  20. God entrusting me with you.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of the moms and dads out there.

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Marlena Rice

Marlena Rice is a busy mom and writer who lives in Tuscaloosa with her husband, Rod, and their son, Beaux William. Her new book, “Pacifiers, Flatbeds and Barn Wood Thingamajigs, a ‘Come to Jesus Guide’ for the New, Southern Mom,” will be available on soon. 


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