CSP Spotlight: Eat Together, Eat Better

Eating healthy is important. So is spending quality time with family. Family meals are a tradition that can make a big difference in your family’s health.

Lack of time and too many activities can make it hard for families to eat healthy and together on a regular basis. Make a point to eat healthier meals with your family.  Here are a few ways that may help you find time to sit down together at least a few times a week and eat a healthy meal:

  • One of the easiest ways to make sure kids learn to eat a healthy diet is to eat one yourself—modeling for them, at the table, on a regular basis.
  • Make a breakfast date with your kids on the weekends. Get everyone involved in the meal preparations: mixing batter, cutting up fruit, setting the table and cleaning up are all possibilities.
  • Have a “No Excuses” night when everyone has dinner together, no matter what. Take turns planning and cooking the meal.
  • Eat before evening events or right afterwards. Using a slow cooker or cooking ahead on the weekends may help on super busy nights.
  • Have easy meal ingredients on hand so meals at home can happen easily even when there’s no time: hearty canned soups, eggs (can be scrambled or made into omelets), sliced cheese (grilled cheese sandwiches) or pasta and jarred spaghetti sauce will all work for simple dinners. Serve some baby carrots and cut up fruit on the side, and you are way ahead of the drive thru nutritionally.
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