CSP Spotlight: Traveling with Kids

The holidays are quickly approaching.  During this time, some families travel to be with extended family members.  Here are a few tips to help you travel with ease with your small children.

  • Have snacks and drinks readily available.
  • Give them the chance to move their bodies whenever possible. If you’re driving, take breaks.  If you’re flying and it’s safe to do so, talk a short walk in the aisle.
  • Pack an extra set of clothes in case of a problem (spilled milk, lost luggage, etc.)
  • Take a few small toys out of circulation several weeks before you travel so they will have some novelty value when you offer them during the trip.
  • Purchase a few inexpensive little toys at the dollar store. Wrap them in newspaper and dole them out sparingly to your child when boredom seems imminent.  Who can resist a wrapped present?
  • Bring a few books to read aloud.
  • Pack a small pad of paper and washable markers
  • You and your child can play many of the games you remember from your childhood even while he/she is safely strapped into his/her car sear. Simon Says (“Touch your nose!”) and I Spy (“Can you find something blue?”) easily adapt to traveling.
  • Trade off child care duties with your partner, that way each of you gets a short break here and there.
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