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CSP Spotlight: Read to Me - Druid City Living, Tuscaloosa's premier community newspaper.

CSP Spotlight: Read to Me

25 Jun 2017

Research shows that reading to young children just 20 minutes a day can make a significant difference in their overall reading level once they reach primary school age. Make reading fun!  Keep children engaged in the story and the experience.

Here are some ways to enjoy your reading time with children:



·         Snuggle up closely as you read so children will associate reading with a warm, loving feeling.


·         Choose books with rhyming words and funny sounds...children love them! 


·         Select books with large, colorful pictures. 


·         Let your voice get soft and loud as you read; change the pace of your reading; use lots of   expression.


·         Encourage children to point to the pictures, repeat the words, and turn the pages. 


·         Ask questions and encourage guessing.  


·         Let children fill in missing words. 


·         Reread old favorites again and again. 


·         Try to read whenever children come to you with a book. 


·         Take pleasure in your reading time together, and make sure they know how much you love it!


Community Service Programs of West Alabama (CSP), Inc.’s Head Start/Early Head Start, Child Care Partnership, and Early Intervention programs engage families and encourage healthy lifestyle choices. Safe and healthy children are ready to learn and explore their world.

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