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Lake Living: Paradise on Lake Tuscaloosa Allison Adams

Lake season is here! Happy Father's Day to everyone. While out celebrating summer, I have noticed quite a few changes on Lake Tuscaloosa. 

There appear to be more boats on the water. The usual brands are accented with new, sporty models that we didn't see as recently as last summer. One I might call a "mini-ship" puttered beside us as we were taking our first dip in the water last month. 


Smith's Marina was doing a "changing of the rentals" at their dock as we gassed up the pontoon (yes, the “Pontoon” song is playing in my head as I write). 

Lake Tuscaloosa is bustling with family memory-making, with families gathered on the banks at Carroll's Creek Island and flat spots along the shorelines. It’s wonderful. 

It's also exciting that our little lake is being discovered by baby boomers in search of a place to nest. I sold a lake home to a couple from Georgia recently – they made an offer on Tuesday and closed on the following Tuesday. Those moments don't happen often, but it makes me realize our lake is in demand.  

It's also frustrating, as we search endlessly for a client’s special slice of paradise on the lake, only to find that, to date, there are fewer than 25 area lake homes available to show.  

New construction is on the horizon, and proposed development is beginning to creep into the planning board agendas at the City of Tuscaloosa, promising more residences for those who wish to live the Lake Tuscaloosa dream. 

I have been following some of these, and while I want to see restaurants and fun events that make Lake Tuscaloosa unique (as I noted in my December column), I also treasure the quiet days when you pass only a few pontoons dragging screaming kids across small wakes. Lake Martin has Goat Island, a cliff to jump from, and rope swings, but it also has inherited massive waves that resemble a rocking bay when you attempt to cross the "big water."  

Lake Tuscaloosa is unique, with easy navigation and sloughs to explore. The North River tributary is a great place to traverse, with areas deep within the narrow river for meandering that provide tree covered areas, views of cows grazing along-side, and an old iron bridge to discover.  

As the University of Alabama continues to grow, Lake Tuscaloosa is being discovered by parents from all over the country who love UA and all that it provides in year-round entertainment. The majority of owners on Lake Tuscaloosa are still local with permanent homes, but that dynamic is due to change.  

If you go out to celebrate on Lake Tuscaloosa this Father's Day, you are sure to appreciate the quiet, peaceful escape that remains on our little "hidden" lake. Enjoy the serenity and the beauty of summer. 

Blessings from Lake Tuscaloosa,  

Allison Adams 







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