Hanson Watkins

Hanson Watkins

Ms. Watkins graduated from Mountain Brook High School and lives in Birmingham with her two boys, Jack, and Charlie. She has bachelor's degrees in psychology and creative writing from Emory University, and an MBA and master's in health administration from Georgia State University. 
Hanson spent 10 years working in the healthcare industry in Atlanta before moving back to Birmingham several years ago to work for her father, Jim Watkins. 
She credits her father, who has owned several businesses over the years, for giving her the entrepreneurial spirit. Her brother, Josh Watkins, is a Birmingham lawyer who helped start the Birmingham Angel Network, a venture capital organization. 

Making chocolate truffles typically requires expert knowledge of chocolate. Tempering chocolate, while possible to learn, is a bit of an art. Even chocolatiers fight bloom (where the cocoa butter leaves streaks in the chocolate) when the weather changes, or in times of high heat.  

Valentine’s Day is on a Wednesday night this year. With soccer practices, church groups, homework, working late, and just general parental exhaustion, going out for Valentine’s Day this year may not be an option. 

Here are some ideas that don’t require a babysitter, much money, or much planning …  

Getting a handle on finances is a common resolution in the new year. How do you get started?   

Gratitude is the sentiment at the heart of Thanksgiving. Recently, gratitude practice has been a major area of study in psychology. More than any other personality trait, gratitude is a predictor of good mental health and life satisfaction. For a list of research on gratitude, check out www.centerforhealthyminds.org.

Caroline Boxmeyer, Professor in Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine and Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Community Health Sciences at the University of Alabama, has found that gratitude practice is useful in her professional and personal life.

Getting to know the artists is one of the charms of the Kentuck Festival of the Arts. Well, that and sitting under the pine trees, listening to music, surrounded by beautiful art while enjoying great food. For the artists, it is not only a chance to meet with collectors and share their art, but also a time to enjoy spending time with old friends and basking in the special charisma of the annual art festival. This year's festival takes place this weekend, Oct. 21-22, at Kentuck Park in Northport.

“S-Town” has raised many questions in Tuscaloosa, but the one perhaps heard most often is, “What is a ‘podcast’ and why are people all over the world talking about Bibb County in one?”

If you want to sell your house this year, then now is the time to list. Chris Lee, past President of Tuscaloosa County MLS and past President of the Tuscaloosa Board of Realtors, says that the expected rise in interest rates will make the spring sales season more active than usual.   

CrossFit has a reputation for being a tough workout. And it is. But according to Jamie Cormier, co-owner of Tuscaloosa’s CrossFit Candor, it is workout that can be altered to benefit a wide range of needs. 

She says it can work, even for kids with cerebral palsy. And autism. And spina bifida. 

The proof is in the Power Hour, an idea that was developed when Vera Spinks and Candor developed a program for Kylie Spinks, Vera’s daughter with cerebral palsy.   

Thanksgiving in the South is about enjoying time with friends and family in the comfort of home to celebrate all that is good in life. 

 For some people, that means popping off the top button off their pants and taking a nap as soon as possible after the big meal. For others, it is about enjoying a beautiful meal that is an Occasion (with a capital “O”) by breaking out the good china and silver. 

 Richard Rhone had retired from two careers, first as a school principal and second, facilitating welfare reform. He was spending time as a docent at a museum when a member of OLLI approached him.   

“One of the curriculum people came through the museum and asked me to teach. I have been teaching and taking classes ever since.”    

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