Woodbank Lane: Getting Creative with Storage

Woodbank Lane: Getting Creative with Storage Kathryn Wilkerson

 “A place for everything, and everything in its place.” Nice idea in theory, right? Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect spot for the things we use daily. And if you’re like me, you may not have a ton of cabinet and closet space, making storage at times a challenge. But that’s okay; it doesn’t all have to be tucked away and out of sight. With the right decorative container – box, bowl, basket, or tray – everything can have a place.  

Hi there! I’m Kathryn, and here are a few creative storage ideas I’ve used in my home that might work for you as well.  


When my daughter finished her ninth-grade year of high school, we decided to update her room. One of the colors we chose was terra cotta, orange with a touch of pink. Although we really liked the color, the choice made it hard to find matching accessories. I was always on the lookout for anything in the right shade that she could use.  

On one of my many trips to Target, I ran across a utensil caddy. It matched perfectly, but what could she possibly do with a knife, spoon, and fork holder? I had no idea, but I bought it anyway, hoping we could come up with something. When I carried it home and took it to her room, I was met by a pile of Seventeen magazines and stacks of books on the floor. Mystery solved! It became a “literary device.” The rolled magazines slid perfectly into the three sections designed for silverware, and the books fit just right in the front slot designed to hold napkins.  


Want to add a fresh scent to your bathroom and free up some cabinet space? I usually buy our soap in bulk at Sam’s or Target to save a little money. But instead of storing it in our small linen closet and taking up a shelf, I open the boxes and put them in a glass bowl. It’s a fresh smelling idea (literally!), and it adds a pretty, decorative look to the room. If you decide to give this storage idea a try, make sure the bowl you chose has an opening large enough for your hand.  


I bought a pretty soap dish that ended up being too big for the sink area where I intended to use it. No problem! I washed off the goo and repurposed it. The cute soap dish became the new locale to plop some of my jewelry at the end of the day. I’ve never really been one to use a traditional jewelry box. And because I tend to wear the same accessories over and over, I like my every day, go-to jewelry to be easy to grab when I’m in the midst of the morning rush. The soap dish now serves as a jewelry keep for what I frequently wear. I love the design of the dish, and it looks perfect in the tray on the bathroom counter.  



Functional baskets are probably the easiest of storage ideas. I have them in just about every room of my house holding magazines, books, remote controls, even junk. One way I use them in my bedroom is to store seasonal items like gloves, toboggans, and scarves. I have my small winter items packed away in two large baskets that I found at Twice as Nice downtown. I slide them under the bench at the foot of my bed and slide them right back out when the weather cools off. T J Maxx and World Market are both great sources for attractive and large baskets to use for storage.  

Hopefully, I’ve given you a storage idea or two you can use in your own home. 

Tuscaloosa native Kathryn Wilkerson is a wife, mom of three, a teacher, and the author of Woodbank Lane – a blog that offers up a variety of different decorating ideas and projects, recipes, and inspiration for living. Follow Kathryn at woodbanklane.com and on Instagram @woodbanklane.  


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