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Infuse water with fresh Alabama grown berries for a refreshing break from the late-summer heat. Infuse water with fresh Alabama grown berries for a refreshing break from the late-summer heat.

We have five weeks in August. Don’t panic. Break it down!

With summer at an end, you will already be focusing on schedules. Schedule time for yourself. Use week one to pack in the things you wanted to do this summer and didn’t get around to, like badminton, croquet, or some corn hole in the backyard. Spend that day on the lake. The kids won’t remember the dozens of days on Snapchat or in their beds, just that one that you made everyone get out and interact. Your time together doesn’t have to be fancy, just don’t let it slip away with the summer of 2018. 

After July wrapped up, I decided to focus on finding things that I love about being American and using things “Made In the USA.” Week two, see if you and the family can identify some. I found there were some challenges, but also some great things, like locally grown produce, fresh Alabama shrimp (coastal, and right in our own backyard), and towels – and we drove cars made in the USA.

By week three, school is back in full swing. Ahh. Can you hear the silence? Embrace it, especially if yours has been a jam-packed summer. Start making some changes on the home-front to re-discover and nurture your soul. Set up your bedroom as a place of refuge. I don’t know why it took me a year to nail up (yes, when he was out of town I sure did) a blackout curtain! I’m sleeping like a baby this week. Infuse water with fresh Alabama grown berries, lemons… whatever makes you feel healthy. Keep icy water by yours and the kids beds in one of the pretty pitchers you save for some special occasion. Stick a flower from the yard in one of those "love" coke bottles. Light a candle, close your door, and peruse all the magazines that you didn’t have time to read while schlepping kids to activities.

Week four: Yes, work is calling, but you can also make changes there. On your desk, add essential oils, or a candle. The smell of lemon increases alertness. Rosemary helps fight mental fatigue. Cinnamon improves focus. Peppermint brings clear thinking. Keep that water available at work to get the 8 cups a day you neglected to get over the summer. A box or tray with dark chocolate and nuts within reach will help keep the mind clear. Add some music, some natural light, and watch the end of the year be the best part yet in the office. 

The last week begins with a full moon. Make a date to catch a glimpse of it every single night this week, until it leads you into Labor Day – your bonus for another chance for all things summertime.

It’s still your summer. Make it a memorable one!


Allison Adams is a mom of four and a Realtor with Lake Homes Realty serving Lake Tuscaloosa. For comments, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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