Woodbank Lane: Creating Stunningly Beautiful Planters for Summer Flowers Featured

Woodbank Lane: Creating Stunningly Beautiful Planters for Summer Flowers Kathryn Wilkerson

Summer is in full swing here in the South! I have at least five mosquito bites to prove it, and the humidity gives my hair a life of its own as soon as I walk out of my house. It’s also the season for flowers, spending time outdoors, and, for DIY fans like me, it’s time for a project (or 10). 

Hi there! I’m Kathryn, and here’s a crafty idea for creating planters to help you enjoy your favorite summer flowers. It only takes a little time and a trip to your favorite home improvement store.  

Here’s what you will need:  

  • Empty metal containers 
  • White spray primer 
  • Any color spray paint 
  • Painter’s tape 
  • Thin string or rope 
  • Goof Off (Heavy Duty Remover) 
  • A small drill

Start by hanging on to a few empty containers you might otherwise throw away, like coffee cans, a Crisco can, vegetable cans, or cans for nuts. In the pictures you’ll notice I’ve used 10.5 oz coffee cans.  

Soak the cans in water for about 10 minutes, and pull off as much of the label as possible. To get the remaining paper and the sticky residue from the cans, I used Goof Off. It’s a great product, and you can easily follow the directions on the label. I picked mine up at Lowes for just a few dollars.  

Dry your cans thoroughly, and spray them with the white primer, both inside and out. Let them dry overnight. 



To give the planters a little character, use the painter’s tape to create a stripe. Position the tape anywhere on your cans—top, bottom, or middle. To minimize bleeding when you put on the next layer of paint, press down hard on the tape, especially on the edges. Spray the cans with your chosen color. I used an outdoor, anti-rust Valspar color called Peacock Blue. Allow the cans to dry indoors overnight.   

On the following day, remove the tape, and then step back and admire your handy work. 



Next, drill three to five drainage holes in the bottom of each can, and add your potting soil and flowers. I chose tall ones, so the cute cans would show. Once you have the flowers potted and arranged, wrap the string around the middle of the stripe a couple of times and tie a bow. The string adds another layer and texture.  

You could also do the reverse of this and have white cans with colored stripes. They’ll make the perfect table decoration for your outdoor summer get-togethers, pretty gifts for teachers, or a thoughtful hostess gift. Who doesn’t love flowers in a cute container? 

Tuscaloosa native Kathryn Wilkerson is a wife, mom of three, a teacher, and the author of Woodbank Lane – a blog that offers up a variety of different decorating ideas and projects, recipes, and inspiration for living. Follow Kathryn at woodbanklane.com and on Instagram @woodbanklane.  



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