Lake Living: With the Beauty Comes a Potential for Danger

My dear friend Genny, seated on the right, is one of my gardening buddies. She contracted a tick-borne illness. Please, everyone, be aware of the dangers and protect yourselves. My dear friend Genny, seated on the right, is one of my gardening buddies. She contracted a tick-borne illness. Please, everyone, be aware of the dangers and protect yourselves. Allison Adams

Fall brings us out of our homes and into nature.  Here in Alabama, warm weather lingers sometimes past Thanksgiving, which can leave us interacting longer with the creatures that inhabit the woods and our neighborhoods. 

The deer population here is a blessing and a curse. The deer industry is thriving. Alabama Blackbelt Adventures brings landowners together to offer their property to visitors from all over the country to enjoy our natural habitat. 

For those who prefer to feed and watch the deer in their back yard, there are a few reasons to refrain. There have been recent increases in tick-borne illnesses. A friend who loves to garden recently was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain spotted fever, the result of a tick bite. Lyme disease is transmitted by the blacklegged tick, or deer tick. 

To help prevent tick bites, wear protective clothing (gardeners use pre-treated fabric). If you are outside, do thorough tick checks. If you find an attached tick within 24 hours, the risk is lower for developing illness. Save the tick in a bag in the freezer for a proper diagnosis from your doctor. 

While I love to share all the positive things about life on the lake, we must be diligent in making it a safe place as well. 

Mosquitoes are another nuisance that can carry disease. If you can, have your property sprayed if having an event or long-term activity.  And let’s not forget about snakes. Remember when treading through the woods that they are natural homes for many creatures.  

Dock safety is another issue, particularly where electricity and water are concerned. The City of Tuscaloosa is ramping up inspections to assure the safety of docks. 

It is not uncommon for boats to collide with piers and seawalls at night. While a well-lit peninsula might prevent it, the issue of electricity and water come into play in devising solutions for this as well. 

And with various river based groups discovery of more than 1271 sewage spills in Alabama waterways I am encouraged by the tight fist the City of Tuscaloosa has on Lake Tuscaloosa. On the ADEM map, there were none near Lake Tuscaloosa. However, Alabama's watershed stretches from Georgia to Mobile Bay, so we are all connected.

When we encounter setbacks for inspections, or must take additional measures to be safe, let us remember, sometimes it is for our own good.  

My sweet friend will have a long recovery from something that could have been prevented. Blessings and protection to you this fall, as you gather with friends and family and enjoy life's bounty. 


Allison Adams is a mom of four and a Realtor with Lake Homes Realty serving Lake Tuscaloosa. For comments, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  

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